The Quest for 3 Rings, pt 1

Having recently been sent a signed copy of Four Against Darkness, after mucking about with pdfs for a while, I thought it prudent to break it in. I have already on my own fought through Caves of the Kobold Slave-Masters and parts of Dark Waters. Along with a few adventures with the core book. But The Three Rings have so far been unexplored territory.

And seeing that this expansion simply holds encounters generated through a d66 role is just all the more easy to do on the blog, as I have no need to work around a map.

I'll try to avoid mentioning the rolled sections by number, and will also try to paraphrase the actual encounters, rather than read it all aloud on here. So you as a reader wont know what the penalty for failing the trap I made it through, or know exactly what the level a poisonous critter is. Likewise, I will most likely skip overly uneventful encounters.

With the adventure being level 3 to 4, I will made up my adventuring party starting on level 3:

Adlee the level 3 Swashbuckler
Has a sabre, a stiletto and enough attitude to insist a flamboyant cloak counts as armor.

Adric, the level 3 Elf
Adlees older brother, has a staff, a bow and knows a few spells by heart. he can strike their foes with lightning, incapacitate them with a sleep spell, or have the forest cover their retreat.

Lamak, the level 3 Barbarian
Lamak is a stone cold mercenary and the body guard of the self-proclaimed "entrepreneur" that is Willad. He wields a proper great axe!

Willad, the level 3 Halfling
The employer of the elves, and the one with the plan to make good coin on the bounties in this region. Mainly holding the lantern, coinpurse and bandages, he prefers to let others do the heavy lifting.

The group is out hunting in the thick and unwelcoming Kardalok woods, and comes upon a grisly scene. A gasping ragged man, looking like the sole survivor of a caravan ambush, around him lay the murdered remains of whichever bodyguards he had employed. After being sufficiently calmed, he reveals himself to be a noble of house Davanzu, ambushed by a gang of orcish reavers stealing not only his gold but splitting his signet ring among them. He needs that ring back desperately, and is willing to offer 120 gold pieces per returned piece. He gestures vaguely in a direction and the group sets out.

Trudging through the encroaching darkness the group suddenly grinds to a halt, seeing a massive fuzzy shape snacking on the carcass of an elk. Adric lights up an arrow and sets it loose, enveloping the giant form in a blaze. Adlee sets off into a sprint, ducking low and delivering a solid slash, as she moves to follow up with her stiletto a puff of spores from the wound takes her off-guard.

Lamak waiting from a prompt from Willad, quickly gets it and he charges forward to fell this overgrown plant. Unleashing his barbarian rage upon the monstrous being, he chops off first the arm, then the leg and finally the head.

Inside its guts the group finds 5 pieces of gold. And even with Willads halfling luck, it appears that the monster has sadly not snacked on any orcs recently.

For having killed a boss-type monster I am awarded an exp roll, and I decide to use it for Adlee, who suceeds in rolling above her level. Thus becoming a Level 4 Swashbuckler.

Proceeding in high spirit through the forest, the party finds a shriveled old tree. Adric explains that his fellow rangers often use these as hiding places for supplies, as he reaches in. Caught up in his lecture, the group has no scout keeping an eye on the treeline, and a group of furred forest orks approach them crude weapons in hand. 

Willad shrieks in horror and lobs a nearby stone to no real effect, Lamak strides deftly forward placing himself between his employer and the beasts, he effordlessly cuts down two of them as they approach. Adlee takes advantage of the chaos and easily slashes two others open as her brother fumbles with his weapons. 

Despite seeing their brethen killed in cold blood the remaining two orcs continue to press the attack. Lamak slaps away his attacker, siezing his throath and strangling the field. But Adlee halfthrough a sly remark catches an orcish fist to the side of the head. Adric runs over to help defend her, but stops mid run as the downed sister gives the ork a knife slash to the heel, followed by the gut getting sliced open.

The party decides to take a small rest near some rock outcroppings, to get Adlee bandaged, and their bearings. Unfortunately the rock shudders. As it rises, it locks jaws around Lamak, he convulses and screams as something cracks.

Adric mouths an incantation and sends a surge of lightining, punching a smoking crater in the beings center, Adlee follows troop and land a series of staggeringly powerful hits (whoo exploding die) causing the large form to crumble to the ground, lifeless. The group finds nuggets worth some 5 gold pieces among its rubbles. With lamak refusing first aid for something so trivial, the group continues onwards.

Felling yet another boss, I get another Exp roll, and decide to use it for Lamak. Again suceeeding!

The march is interrupted by the sight of a body suspended between two trees. Looking closer at his body, this was one of the six orc reavers they are hunting for. What remains of his face is enough to identify him as Derrk known for his skills with his whip, and cruelty to slaves. That leaves five bodies left to account for, since he does not have part of the signet ring on him.

Continuing onward they encounter an elven herbalist gathering a special herb called Wolfsbane, upon inquiry he explains that the local orcs have captured, bred and trained wolves to terrorize intruders. He shrewdly offers to sell us 2 bushels of wolfbane, but Willad is having none of it, claming it all the be baseless supersition and besides Lamak is more than a match for a few overgrown dogs.

A comment that still was still fresh in the groups mind as snarling howling wolves soon after attacked. However a coordinated assault quickly killed off the creatures, reducing the population in the forest by 5.

The trained wolves are an ongoing threat between various encounters, however there is only 30 total, so once they're gone they're gone!

Clearing the blood of their weapons, someone comes, attracted by the noise. One of the five remaining orc reavers, Klug the shieldmaster, realizing that the wolves lost in a big way he immediately legs it. Adlee and Lamak sets in pursuit while Adric readies a spell. Klug doesnt get more than a few yards before he passes out from Adrics enchantment, having no squabbles of killing sleeping foes Lamak quickly part him from his head. With the deed done Willad waddles over to go through the orcs pockets, even with his halflings luck spent, there are no rings to be found, but he did have a lions share of spoils from raiding. 130 real gold pieces, and pouch of fools gold, and a scroll of sleep.

And having killed another boss, I get another level up roll. Sadly I fail to roll above Adric's level. So he stays level 3 for now.