All the small diversions

It was really fun for me to work on distinct projects like my Cybjörgs and my Bog Crone, my hobby work has been quite scattered, mainly due to december being an extra hard month for me this year. So it has been a lot of picking up minor things here and there only to feel indiffernt about it later on. But even if its some minor things, they still deserve to be showed off.

First off, remember this guy? Well he got a snazzy layer of paint to match his friends, and while there are some minor details I need to finish on his shoulder and backpack, he still feels fine to show off.

Also I see to have forgotten to take a shot of his front. I was sure I did though... Anyhow, I also painted up some chests and bits to serve as objectives and tokens. In scenarios where you pick can have to pick up and secure a macguffin, I really like the visual representation of someone actually lugging the thing on the table.

I also painted up my grenade tokens and dummy markers. Rather than have a red X on the 'dangerous' one in the pair, I decided to have either an A or B on each, in either red or blue. So that when they are used as boobytraps and dummies, you can from the start declare a letter or colour that is the dangerous one.

And finally, I have for a while had a craving for some proper skeletons for my fantasy forces and my friend buying Shadespire for himself as an early christmas present sort of gave me the final nudge, so now I have the so called Sepulchral Guard. And being inspired by the amazing works of Sean Äaberg over at the Goblinko Megamall, I knew white, grey and brown wasn't gonna cut for me.

Of course I have probably done myself a disservice by sharing his amazing art now, and getting your expectations up, because I haven't quite had the gusto to go all the way like he has.

Anyhow, that is all for now. Happy holidays to all of you out there.