Vacation in Løkken

I am starting off summer with a vacation to Denmarks north western shore, so of course I packed plenty of activities and have some recycling shops I am planning to visit. I found myself a nice corner in the house and got some of my reaper bones painted up while listening to the tunes of The Sword

My proudest work is probably this Ork Shaman, who I decided to give an axe and drape in some slightly more radioactive colours.

The second most colourful dude is this reaper bones basilisk, who I honestly thought would be like twice as big, but it'll be a cool toxic critter regardless.

I also went bargain hunting in local stores, and found myself some toy dinosaurs who are of course gonna get painted up and fixed to bases, and I found an adorable knitted owl tape measure so I can make all my war gaming buddies jealous.

And now that I am home again, I have a game with Klaus to look forward to, and have accordingly been painting some of my micro machines soldiers to assist the troubled populace when Klaus' giant monster arrive. Here is a quick snapshot of the men in front of one of the Mechas, before they inevitably get chewed up, stepped on or melted.