Showdown in Duplo City

Yesterday I had Klaus over for our much anticipated Kaiju vs Mecha battle. He brought a plethora of evil invaders to threaten the peaceful town, as well as a grab bag of micro machines and duplo "borrowed" from his daughter. He quickly assembled a fancy town of high-rises, helicopters and sports cars.

We figured we'd start easy, getting a feel for the rules with two fighters. Featuring the deplorable soviet menace the Kamchatka Ballerina, a genetically modified bear fitted with guns, flamethrowers and rockets, here to lay waste to this decadent city.

The fight was pretty much an outright murder, with my Mecha spending the entire thing on the ground while the bear clawed, bit and fired rockets at it. Plus my relatively low C score on the Mechas legs meant I spent a lot of time on the ground from horribly failed kicks. It was a massacre.

Realising how horribly underkitted my Mecha was I made some big additions to bulk it up, as we approached the big follow battle. I only had two complete Mechas versus the three Kaiju on Klaus' side, so I got to bolster my force by a generous assortment of tanks.

The first few rounds were mostly posturing and getting into position, as Jimmungandr the giant earthworm tunneled through the busy streets, Dentura slid between buildings with its amorphous body and Pinky the dragon broke some scenery to fit. Tanks fired away at Jimmungandr, but hardly scratched it since it had bonus cover from burrowing. However upon surfacing the following turn, I got in a few lucky hits, before my sword wielding Mecha closed the distance with a leap and began dicing up the giant earth worm, for an easy early game kill. However that is when the easy part passed.

The majority of my tank shots simply bounced off Pinky and Dentura, and those that actually hit was quickly disregarded as Dentura was Very Tough and Pinky was a Berserker. So I was back to square one, but things were still looking okay. Until Dentura got its teeth into my Mecha, managed to triple my defenses and had my cockpit lit up with every warning light there was. 3 damage, 1 weapons system down, stunned for 4 actions and immobilized for two rounds. Mechas can recover from detrimental effects more easily than Kaiju if just given some time to get everything back in order, but Klaus of course pushed his advantage. My Mecha became a punching bag as Pinky joined in.

Also realising that my Mechas was not in melee combat, meant my tanks couldn't take shots anymore or risk hurting my already falling apart Mecha. However getting tail swiped out of melee by Pinky game my Mecha some precious time to fix up their internal systems and self-repair while just outside of Denturas reaction range. 

Focusing my attention and actions on self-repairs and headbutts, I start to actually win out against Dentura, even with a missing appendage. Scoring a knockdown against Dentura, means I could dish out a lot of pain to the fallen blob with my two Mechas, and due to an (un)lucky roll on the injury chart Dentura goes down! However Pinky the Dragon have so far been able to rage through all damage we threw at them, so things still felt fairly even as both my Mecha were in a haggerd condition.

Due to lucky tail grab, and a turn-over when Pinky tried attacking things quickly turned sour. Outnumbered, knocked down, and grabbed the penalties were starting to mount for Pinky, and it didn't get better that my one armed Mecha went the less than honourable route of going for a maim attack against Pinkys face, with a vicious throat-punch and torn out fangs removing the special attacks there. At this point parents were most likely covering their childrens eyes, and this was turning into animal abuse. 

So my Mechas won out in the end, now the bigger question becomes how will the force do in regards to funding after half the city was broken on their watch and the many budding Kaiju's rights organisations standing in line to sue due to excessive brutality. However a win is a win, even if is on the blood-smeared shattered burning corpse of the place you were ment to protect. Yay heroics!