Robots, terrain, nameplates and a very special dude

Hello! Its been a little while, with sporadic painting here and there. Mainly due to two.. three things. My old chair broke down on me, as in totaled, so I am sort of sitting awkwardly on a pillow on the floor. Summer has hit us hard, meaning all the sweat and lethargy. And as an extension of the summer thingy, the weather results in everybody and their dog either mowing the lawn or throwing late night parties. All of which is exhausting to my ears and soul. Oh yeah and I ran out of some vital paints, luckily that is to be remedies soon.

But to continue where I left off, Kaiju game is still coming up, but there were a few delays here and there due to adulthood, responsibilities and all that. So I have begun painting up another robot along with some stuff for it.

This guy is still lacking paint for his feet, but this is gonna be my second Mecha. And due to both the way the toy works, and how the game has you stating individual parts, I can easily mix and match bits incase I want my other robot to have this buff arms or saw head instead. As far as abilities go, this hunk of pain have arms with a slightly higher combat score and elbow thrusters, meaning it can pull some mean hooks. Likewise the head has horns/teeth and can perform powerful headbutts, so this is a bit more of a slugger over all.

It is gonna get escorted by some army vehicles, statted as either tanks or APCs. Also I noticed that swapping a tanks C2 shooting attack with a C2 entangle attack has the exact same cost, so maybe some of these missiles will containing fast-expanding adhesives in order to subdue Kaiju invaders.

And a unit I knew I had to include from the get go. The Super Science Team, basically its a civilian team of researchers who provide valuable data to army units. Every turn it can give army units bonuses to attack by pointing out weak shots, and can once per game supply someones weapon with specialized ammunition to have it deal bonus wounds.

Beyond that, I also got a package of replacement parts for my breathing apparatus, while not that interesting, they are necessary. And being ever crafty I figured I'd put the old tubes to use on some terrain.

Considering the intet for this terrain piece to be a sort of water depot or pumping station they feel right at home, and also make it silhouette a bit less square. So exited was I that I started painting work as well.

I also got a fancy package of costum made nameplates from versatile terrain, I remember seeing a few of their posts in miniature groups, and figured it'd be quite cool to have some made for a few mutants of mine. My plan was to have recessed plates using the sweet Digital front yester-year to appear like some small computer data displays, while their version is slightly changed it holds a very clear resemblance to one used on a publication thats close to my heart.

Among my first subjects for the nameplate promotion were several of the unique characters from Mutants and Death Ray Guns various expansions.


Followed by my lovely mushroom boys, more models by alternative armies Ganesha Games lines.
All of them converted from the Fightin' Fungi line, and inspired by a teaser shared during on the kickstarters that sadly didn't blossom into sci fi line for them.


And I once again find myself at the bottom of a long post, with a final goodie to share. As part of a limited run, I got a He-Man tribute miniature. While he usually wields an axe I gave him a large saber, a dagger and a buckler. He is planned to be an ogre mercenary among my chaos forces or mordheimers.