Birthday Bonanza!

So, during June I had my birthday which resulted in new brushes, paints and of course miniatures all around. And here are some of the sweetness that ensured. Late March the english site begun selling Reaper Bones, a line containing numerous cheap models I had an eye for. So I had made an order as a gift from someone else.

Here they all are freed from their plastic prisons and lined up for a group photo before cleaning, chopping and whatever else I might subject them to.

Due to the plastic being lower quality and a bit softer than usual, some of the models got bent out of shape. But deft scalpel work and spare bits got them into prime condition in no time.


Beyond those, the two furry fellows in the back got a quick brushing due to how easy painting fur is.


I also dissected an old yu-gi-oh toy and turned into an awesome spider walker for my squats.


And as a pleasant surprise gift, I got a selection of things from Ramshackle Games, which I spent the majority of today figuring out exactly what to do with, considering a large bit selection like that can be a bit like a set of lego bricks. You can sort of assemble them however with some good will (and green stuff), so I wanted to bide my time and come up with something awesome before committing.  And I'd like to think I did.


Probably my biggest project of them all was my Freeboota Jet Bike. Noticing an ork rider and remembering I had a Kromlech ork head with a captains hat, I had to make a pirate jet biker. The bike still have some way to go, adding some more loose cables, exhausts and armour plates, but so far it needs a little time to set, so it shift it too much when I apply pressure.

So that is a lot of awesome new things for me, but with the year halfway gone already I am beginning to fear that I build more things than I actually paint...