What happened to April?

So as you can probably discern from my number of posts, spring has been taxing for me. But I figured, hey lets try squeezing out a post today, and by looks of it I have a lot of things here and there I haven't posted since they didn't feel major enough to warrant an individual post, well here are some of all the things I have been fiddling with in between my internship and depression naps.

First of all, I got to play with ink and water colours in my school, that was a quite cool and filthy process. I also have a few miscellaneous miniatures painted up here and there, like this executioner from Zombiecide Black Plague, who with a greenstuff vest got turned into your run of the mill Ghoul fan.

My boar-taur from an earlier post also got hit with a bit of chaos magick and was chopped in half, luckily both halves quickly sprouted new and even stranger bodies. And his other chaos buddy got some colours too.

And then there is the Sengoku stuff too, I got a few Oni painted, and put their kind of malnourished Nue on a steady diet of greenstuff to help it bulk up.



Then there also were the Strange Fiction miniatures kickstarter, that sadly didn't succeed in getting funding. I would've liked some of their space lobster chickens and b-movie astronauts.

On the Wasteman side of things, Jason has released an expanded and revised version of the Knights of Gnar supplement, that among other things have rules for manned siege weapons. So I had to go ahead and kitbash yet another one up. This one will probably count as a Repeater, as it just sprays enemies with scrap, even at close range. Hope you had your tetanus shots.


And finally my Genestealers who have been quite a lot on the backburner due to me being unhappy with their initial colour balance, they got a bit of a rework and now have a more muted palette while still keeping up visible the orange of a workers jumpsuit, and brighter yellow and purple spot colours without them stealing the attention entirely.


..... Oh yeah and my big ass totaled my painting chair. RIP buddy.