Kaiju Hunter process

Forgetting in yesterdays post that I had numerous picture from the build of my kaiju hunter robot, I figured hey why not revisit the topic, while also showing off some of today's progress. Besides it would feel odd going back and doing major revisions to a already visited and published post.

The first major step in the progress was going in our attic and digging out that old toolbox with the Tarranga toys. And then figure out something from amongst my many options, supplied by generous parents back in the day.

As you may already be able to see, back them I had also given a few of them a touch of the ol goblin green to make them pop.

And here we have the first picture of what would become my kaiju hunter, but from there to finished product there were some part swaps I did, like picking out a new torso and a different shield.

He got a quick grey priming, and already from the start I knew I wanted something bright. So I went for a fairly standard palette for the space wolves, with a grey blue, bright yellow and reds.

And here we have the finished state from yesterdays post, with the shield neatly discarded. At this point the shine on the axe isnt ideal, it looks like brownish sick and I later gave it a recolour to make the yellow and orange properly pop. 

I also had a bit of an epiphany, you see I could just cut the handles of the official weapons and fasten them to other toys. More rummaging through old stuff and I suddenly had a massively increased arsenal.

Some painting later and I had another sweet weapon set, as the shield too got some love.

As you may have noticed at this point, the feet and base have been magnetized, so I can swap the legs for some others should I want to. Figuring the base have spent long enough being grey I made some simple road markings on it. I don't wanna go too overly scenic as that would mean limiting he posts I could do. 

Also present are a small company of micro machine armour. It is very likely to get a splash of paint too. Not that it would be much more than a distraction for whatever large monsters Klaus has planned, but they will at least look good and provide targets that arent my kickass mecha. With the base and a few more weapons out of the way, we get to the last picture of this evening, my mecha sporting some hefty firepower in the moody lighting of my lamp at 10pm something.