Kaiju Hunter Assembly

Me and my friend Klaus has for a while had a Kaiju itch but scaling has been a bit of an issue, since none of us wanna go out and buy a crap ton of new terrain and miniatures. But both of us have a lot of army vehicles from micro machines laying about. So we settled on a monster scale that'd seem proper big next to them. Our system was early on decided to be Mighty Monsters and its sibling Samurai Robot Battle Royale from Ganesha Games, since we are already familiar with the SoBH engine through out ventures through Mutants and Death Ray Guns.


For anyone interested the major difference is that your "gang" is a giant fighter with each limb counting as an individual part that can have skills and stats, and each can perform certain actions. Like only heads can bite, legs kick and so forth. I've had some ideas of old toys I could use for it, and with me and Klaus having arranged a game next week I thought I'd better get my ass in gear. 

What I planned to use is another old toy line called Tarranga, about some collectable guys battling because... that's what they all do. If you feel like brushing up on your german or just want a look at some very impressive 3d effects, check out this old commercial for them. Going through my old box of them, I assembled a pretty ornery looking dude and went to work painting him up over the afternoon.

Once again I have probably spent a fair amount of time "damaging" what are now considered collectibles but oh well, someone has to stand up to Klaus' army or angry Kaiju. As far as the game goes, this mecha has a Heroic Pilot, an Armoured Cockpit, Light Armour, a Melee Weapon, a Large Folding Shield and Spikes. It can also perform Leaps and Flying Kicks. 

I feel at least somewhat confident this bad boy can take down some monsters, several of its part has increased protection, the spikes can put some hurt of Kaiju trying to get a bit too friendly with grappling and its Large Shield can provide cover from projectiles and attacks, as well as be folded up to free up a spare hand. 

I would've loved to give it the classic rocket fists or torso laser cannon, but the points weren't there. Instead I got a melee bad boy, now I just need some walking missile battery. But luckily due to the modularity of the Tarranga toyline I can just give this guy a gun or different arm should I feel so inclined, likewise the soles of the feet are magnetised to the base, so I can find some different legs to use later on in case I want to shift it up. I already have my eye on several other neat part I feel like throwing into the mix.