Sci-Fi Con Randers 2018

In a bout of sudden memory, I yesterday remembered there actually was a Sci-fi convention in the nearby town of Randers, featuring parades, star wars merch, old toys like He-man, Ninja Turtles and a lot of cool fellas like Jeremy Bulloch, the guy inside Boba Fett. So while I am too far away from Salute to participate, I can still get a feel of the con-life.

Anyone who knows me more closely know that I do not deal well with crowds, noise or lots of a lot of things happening all at once. So this was kind of a lunge into the deep end of the pool. But I somehow made it, largely due to my headphones and a soundtrack provided by 1000mods. Among the people there, there was the obvious presence of the danish branch of the 501 and event officials dressed as imperial officers.

From the Shoot a Trooper stand, these guys were enough to pose for me, even after taking several blaster shots. One of the other really eye-catching things was the car from Knigth Rider getting its own spot on the show floor, I got a decent picture of its cabin with all its glowy and very important panels.

There were also a prop-maker who showed off their crafts in a booth, which was really cool to get a close look at, since I too am pretty used to building and painting small dioramas and things.

To my surprise I also found the cool artist Sophie Grunnet with her own stand there, who I a while ago won a signed art print from, picturing an oriental koi mermaid. I had to get some more of her goodies where there, so I got myself a small Wizard Diploma. Which has already settled itself nicely into the clutter of my desk.

There were also several stands featuring toys, old boardgames, retro consoles, cosplayers and what not. As well as Jeremy and fellow actors you could get autographs and selfies with. But I was slowly running out of gas as the crowds only grew during the day, and manuvering about became harder and harder. However what I consider my biggest win there was a nice fellow selling from a great old box of M.U.S.C.L.E. and Boglings, so I had to have a chat and a get myself a grab bag of toys from before my days. They will likely get the same treatment as some of the Fistful of Power guys.


Among all the toys I also saw a millenium falcon perfect scale for 28mm and immediately thought of the amazing hobby build by Jan-Willem van der Pijl over on the Rogue Stars facebook page. And oh my god I felt the itch, but its a project way outside of both my finances and executive function. But for a few seconds I felt the dream.

And finally I also picked up the Art Book for Mad Max Fury Road, due to my love of that setting and of course the incredible drawings by Peter Pound, which only look all the better in 2 page spreads.

And that is it for my con adventures, I couldn't manage more than an hour of the hustle and bustle, but at least I got a taste of it all, met some friends and got my some cool loot.