My Sengoku order has arrived!

Yesterday my order of Sengoku miniatures arrived from Alternative Armies. Something I have awaited since I first got my hands on the rules. And it was a lot to take in resulting in me emptying all the tiny bags into a very large table and sorting things into piles of types.

And I have a few things to touch upon before showing up what I have built and painted so far. First and foremost, my order was made a tiny bit before the March to War event on Alternative Armies, but Gavin there was kind enough to withhold it, and add additional things to cover the cost of shipping (which would've been free had I waited like a day). Among that I got some extra hunters, Oni and even a Soba Shop. - Which I plan on using as scenery, while the peddler looking like a builder carrying lumber will make a nice civilian to save.

So first of all, a few observations for the casual shopper: the centipede demon (SGF77) is a two part model, so should you desire you can use its body for something else and stick its head on another beast or body. Likewise each of their 3 skeletons (SGF54, '55 & '56) are all two parters as well, so should you want to you can combine their torsoes with armoured legs or even the snake, spider or centipede bottom halfs. Which is what I did to make the devils more inhumane.


The Centipede devil is made using the lower half of SGF77 and the top of SGF56
While the Demon Spider is made using SGF29, SGF55 and a head from SGF83.

Secondly, there were some bits that surprised me when compared to the images on the webstore, for instance the Twin Kamaitachi (SGF49) came with a third pal, seen to the left in the picture below, who I couldn't really place at first glance. Also the Eritategoromo (SGF58) looks better than the webstore pictures.


Sadly however, not everything in my order made it through shipping, a control opening by danish import authorities, and the rush of the march promo. My Nue snipped its tail and  a Tengu broke off his blade. And entirely my own fault: the Rokurokubi's neck isnt quite as flexible as I had assumed. Also two of the items got replaced with something else, namely my Tanuki commander got demoted it seems and my Wanyudo turned into a Tsurube Otoshi. But those are minor things considering that I did order some 50 specific parts as opposed to the packs and full sets also available. 

As far as painting the whole damn lot goes, I have started out easily, by doing small batches of which I am nearly finished with the first one.



The ugly mug above is from this set, which is also incidentally on Alternative Armies.


A Giant Centipede and its inspiration the Mukade centipede from Japan.


Now I only need to finish my Demon Spider and Centipede Devil as pictured above in all their shiny glory, and I'll move on the the next group with some more characters.

The Eagle Knight on the left are made using SGF03's body, the covered helmet on SGF84 and the banner from SGF27, which is a kit I would wholly recommend to others. The archer on the right is also carrying a longsword from the same kit.