Sorting out some beasties

Over the last couple of days I have mainly just been exhausted from going back into education after a year long absence. So the majority of my time has been spent just listening to podcasts. But despite all that I have gotten a few things here and there worked out, mainly regarding some of my larger critters. First of, one who has been standing around for a tad too long, my previously mentioned Cerebalite

Staying on topic, I also painted one of the cerebalite slaves, I still have two more to do, but rather than doing them as a batch I want to do something different for each of their outfits.

Finally have painted up one of the unique abominations from Zombicide, as well as two giant mutant insects from the Mars Attacks miniatures game. I managed to get all 3 during a sale.

And among the silly big things I have awaiting my attention, I also have given the zombie minotaur from Zombicide a prominent position on my painting desk, hopefully it'll be one of the next projects. So far I have really enjoyed the larger models, letting me work with larger surfaces instead of a lot of small nooks and crannies that all require different colours.