Spring Temptations

So while march has mainly consisted of me starting my education, getting a mutant wisdom tooth removed and of course obsessing over the imminent release of Sengoku, I have gotten a few minor hobby related things done. The biggest of which was some commission work for a Fistful of Power collector.

And being the completely responsible adult that I am, I of course put the money into more toys for myself, but for once picking out something was hard, since there are several shiny things released or just on the horizon. Firstly, Alternative Armies are doing a March for War event, with daily new releases, free shipping and some free minis in every order. And them being the distributor of the Sengoku minis, I of course had to splurge.

But of course an other contender for my hard earned money has to show up. The Circus of Corrption, a reinterpretation of the Carnival of Chaos for the old GW game Mordheim, released by Old School Miniatures and sculpted by the talented Jason Fairclough of Wasteman fame.

Well fuck me, look at that bloated beautiful mess. Mordheim was one of my first gateway games into skirmishing, despite me being of an age old enough to remember when it was still in GW's specialist games section on their store, but still young enough to never have bought and played it during it hayday, but the free files sustained me, along with the ambitious danish Coreheim project. The carnival was something that always stuck with me as really evocative and imaginative, considering how the remaining chaos lot looked. So this is a chance to scratch a very old itch.

But oh no, Rogue Stars are doing a small promotion as well! Buy a book, get a rogue. It is one of those mini Lines I really enjoy too, due to how pulp sci-fi it all feels. And their various miniatures feel just as much at home in the post apocalyptic wastes, as they due as they due as ship-breaching space pirates.


And being a book that both sports beautiful artwork, laser, biotecs, gadgets and doohickies and huge chart of scenarios and environments. Zero gravity, border towns, space hulks anyone? I feel like this can let me play with that Dune and Firefly style nitty gritty sci-fi. Plus its all written by Andrea Sfilioi.

And to help that sci-fi feel along Diehard Miniatures just posted the finished images of some of their robots, who I was reluctant to back for, because there was only illustrations. But now they're here, with late backer options for my pledge...


So alright, there a bit for every taste available here. Yokai hunting in fuedal japan, trudging through the medieval country side spreading the joy and boils of your patron god, and RPG-inspired skirmishes with robots, aliens and all that jazz. Plenty of options on my table, and if I just buy sparingly without going all nuts I can get a taste of all these slices of cake..... Wait what is this?

Oh no. Oh no no no no! That's it, I give up.

Oh course the beautiful Tim Prow and Kevin Adams greenskin lines have to make an appearance just now! With a kickstarter coming out next week! They're the producers of my most favorite goblin and beastmen sculpts.


Okay then. I'm broke, its alright. And in a fit of guilt or productivity I figured, hey better work on my chaos fellas, since hoo boy they are gonna get some company soon.

Ss'hiven the Dispoiler given some colours

Herald of Malice, and "Musician" assembled

The start of some Cavalry