The Gnar Cluster-Fucks, part 5

Once again: this post is part of a series so you should probably visit the first one. Or just go straight to the relevant label to read them in whichever order you fancy. Long story short, I'm playing a series of connected games using a fan mod for Wasteman.

Sifting through the countless finances and papers now considered a part of his enterprise, Wilhelm/Theodor was fruitlessly looking for an assignment glorious enough for his comrades. Extortion rackets, forging coalition ID cards or smuggling things were beneath them by now. Luckily an opportunity came quite literally rolling past on the street beneath. Some contemptous sod had fixed up an old coalition APC and was now doing doughnuts in the dusty town square. We shall make that ours! Punish the drivers for their insolence and then convert the vehicle to a war-altar of Gnar!

The scenario calls for one huge room with the vehicle in it, and a few connected ones, but given the limitations of the tiles and the mass of my APC, I decided to go with an open board with 5 tiles laid down as shanties, shacks and caves where the crew was hiding. In this scenario I deploy close to the vehicle and have to get it hot wired and get out of there ASAP, as each round I'll be rolling for new spawns in the existing rooms.

Tracking the APC was easy as the it was one of the only tracked things of this size in the region, the other belonging to the Robo-Wranglers, but apparently the idiots lost it or something.

My starting hand is quite fortuitous with two Pain Killers and Born Lucky too, which are surely gonna be needed as the brutes will come rushing as soon as I start fiddling with their machine.

As the boys began hacking away at the blasted locks and rattling around in the engine, a mutant heads out to see what the ruckus is about. 

I ended up rolling equipment for all the 4 remaining rooms!

"Oi! Thats my fecking whe- AAAAARGHSHGRS!" responding immediately to the outsider, Arrakhar calls down the fury if Gnar in the shape of a flesh warp spell, seeking to cripple and break this fool. As always Gnar is a fickle master and decides to bestow what can arguably called a blessing upon Rock-It-Roy, as his face cracks and divides into two.

"Don't just stand there! Get to work, I'll handle him." Wilhelm/Theodor barks with new authority, as he begins beating on the convulsing defender, the rest of the crew does their best to jump start the metal beast.

His new face finally settling in, Rock-it-Roys knock Wilhem/Theodor with a mighty blow and proceed to chuck an explosive device at the rest of the gang. Being a true trooper, Gordo catches the grenade in an attempt to shield his allies, and is instantly vaporized by the blast. 

May he be deemed worthy to join Gnars infernal cavalry, galloping across the heavens bringing doom and dominion to far away dimensions by the point of their blood drenched blades.

Preparing for turn 2, I once again roll for room contents and again roll 4 pieces of gear and a single defender. With another toughie entering the field, and the car being only 2 actions away from being fixed, I needed all the manpower I could use. And as Wilhelm/Theodor is an Expert, injuries are now excuses for not helping out.

"Its working, quick quick quick! Get the hell in here!" Arrakhar bellows in his powerful voice.

I was lucky enough to seize activation 4 times in a row, letting almost my entire crew embark. 

A quick cannon burst took out Vinnie D, and left Albie clear to embark as the last man leading to another victory, although a costly one.

As far as Pay goes, they get a lot! 20 Cps as a baseline, +10 for being the acting crime lord and all the 8 rolled pieces of loot, consisting of 2 Miniguns, 3 Chainsaws and 3 Gnarled Hides. 

So first things first, Wilhelm/Theodor, Brother Albie and Skorn all swap out their armor for Gnarled Hide, and Brother Albie replaces his Mace with a Chainsaw. 

After reequipping themselves in these greasy hides they Visit Trader Joes and get a combined 15 Cps for selling the old equipment, bringing them to a total of 45 Cps. They also decide to get their Miniguns appraised as Wilhelm/Theodor knows of some high ranking murderes they could hire through his connections. The miniguns are appraised individually, and they are offered an offensive 4 and 12 caps respectively. 

"So Willy, who is this Merc so mean that we're willing to sell off these kinds of blasters anyhow?"

"They call him Jimbot 3000, or 'Jim Hueman' as he insists on being called. He is a four armed grade-A freak. Thinks he is a human alright, but tries to make up for his lack of actual flesh and bones by taking it from others. He carves his victims up with a laser-halberd stolen from some coalition dimwits. And we only need to bag 15 more cps to pay his hiring fee. He has that raw murderous potential you simply wont find among the other thugs for hire."

"I like him already."