Mini Gangs: 'Crapyard Patrol

So the last few days I have been busy with painting up some of the Mini Gangs figures I got with the kickstarter, and wanted to try out the ruleset. Which is quite straight forward, there are 4 different classes or archetypes that dictate what a miniature can or cannot do. Each archetype also have one stat, known as their Awesomeness. To shoot things you roll high (aim for the head) and to punch things you roll low (hit below the belt). So for instance the shooter profile has a low Awesomeness, making him bad at melee but good at shooting.

Anyhow, since I don't exactly have two fully painted gangs yet, I went for one of the scenarios and figured I could try to do it single player. The scenario is pretty straight forward, there is a big grumpy killbot running amok, that the competing gangs will have to take down, it fixates on random targets each turn and does several actions. I went with their Casual level of play, meaning I get one of each class plus some random cards to distribute.

This is how I distributed my pretty amazing starting loadout. My Leader will be carrying a Neural Disruptor and a Stimpack for support, my Fighter will have Wade In and Lure so he can pull enemies into combat and force them to stay, my Shooter got a Shotgun and a free re-roll and finally my Medic got a Force Field and Fast, so they can skip around dodging bullets and stitching up their friends.

My first turn is largely uneventful as people lurch into positions and take potshots. The killbot then suddenly notices my Shooter and runs full speed towards them.

And this is where the smackdown begins, with a Neural Disruptor to fizzle it, and Wade In to prevent it from doing actions that aren't melee combat my yellow devils begins to lay down some pain. However the shotguns built in knockback becomes the saving grace for the killbot, as it now is out of engagement and may perform its full array of actions. It then decides to fixate on a randomly generated spot

And before long it is reduced to scrap metal. So noticing how completely shut down it was by my abilities and equipment, I decided that this wasn't the only killbot lurking around, and so I laid my old equipment aside and picked a new handful of cards to try it over. Plus normally there'd be another gang also gunning for the glory of the kill.

This time I got a bunch of grenades, along with a Powered Weapon and a Machine Gun, which are two big bad ass weapons. I also got some defensive strategies. Being not-that-smart I gave my Medic the stack of 3 frag grenades, figuring hey now he could help out. But I had completely forgotten that when models that cant normally shoot (Fighters & Medics) use grenades, the grenades have a very very high chance (5 in 6) of scattering. And wanting a big more of a challenge, I figured why not draw two cards for the killbot too?

Bonus actions, improved armour and better defense in melee. Oh yes this is gonna be fun.

Everyone slowly crept into position, and the new and improved killbot approached as well, liking the look of my fighter.

Carrying way too many frag grenades, I decided this was the time! And chugged a few as well as a machine gun barrage in its direction, but it got out with only minor scratches.

In response the killbot fixated on my shooter in the back and decided to charge him head on. It would've used the energy bar for an extra action / attack, but I had comms failiure too, so they canceled each other out.

Suddenly meeting opposition after picking a fight, I decided to do what any great leader would do and called a time out!

During these calm turns, my Medic fixed my Shooter, who ran towards cover along with my leader. The killbot suddenly afraid of my Medic went to hide in nearby cover, with my Fighter hot on his heels. 

With the Truce then over, the killbot continued its cowardly streak as my medic lobbed grenade in its direction. Sadly the scatter gods were not in my favor. With my fighter finally catching up after quite a lot of running, the killbot then rotates on the spot and returns focus on my medic, to much frustration.

My foolish Medic retaliates with a grenade, that due to his lack of proficiency rolls right back at his feet.

The grenade turns out to be a dud luckily. But at this point no one is impressed, and is surely this is the last time someone hands him any explosive devices. Meanwhile the fighter barely catches up and manages to successfully chainsaw the killbot in the rear before it anew starts running about, this time having beef with the Shooter.

They barely get away unscathed as the fighter attempts yet another charge. With some combined fire, and a re-roll from their tastey pre-patrol salad, they finally get the last points of damage chipped off the killbot.

It was quite a fun time over all! Although I felt a bit sad for my Fighter simply chasing the killbot for the entire game. I can imagine this being great fun with several players. So I am looking forward to trying it with my friends and hopefully partner later on.