Mini Gangers

So a little while ago I got my Mini Gangs order delivered and began painting some of the lads up. I now finally have two complete gangs (not counting whatever I can throw together from my entire collection of minis). It is of course very possible to make gangs with more than the standard 4 guys, with one of each class, but to me a lot of the magic in Mini Gangs is how approachable it is for outsiders to the hobby.

Here we have the Yellow Devils, posing menacingly atop an old piece of scrap. I am not entirely sure what equipment and skill cards they would have in a hardcore game. As their stuff is mainly just robes and weapons. I'd imagine them being more sneaky than outright fighty. But maybe the skill Knockout Blow to the Fighter, Plasma Blaster to the Gunner, the Dodge skill for most of them, and then a Strategy like Lure or Truce on top. So they could hit hard, would be a tad slippery and the headsman could make sure someone wounded weren't getting up anytime soon.

Across from them in the purple(?) corner we have my squats, the Amethyst Guard, in their clanking and heavy suits.


Their fighter is this armoured badass, carrying what I suppose to be a jump pack, a riot shield and a big ass hammer. So Powered Armour, Shield and Berzerk Charge seems quite reasonable. Although I think he could be a tad too mean in close combat with the combination of his massive armour save and his shield, and he'd end up costing a whopping 31 points, in a game where the standard range is 60 points.

Their leader has a handheld flamethrower, a bloody breaching axe and a welded on mustache. He's another likely candidate for the Powered Armour card, but again would suck up a lot of points that way.

Here we have their Medic... or mechanic to be pedantic about titles. He would be quite cool with the Parry skill, as he could probably grab and block sharp weapons with his mechanical arm. He could also be More Machine than Man, so that he'd be harder to actually kill off, since after all I imagine the groups healer being a likely target in any larger fight.

And finally we have their Shooter, with a big-ass double barreled machine gun, most likely hurling explosive barrages at their enemies. Again he would be a good candidate for being More Machine than Man. As well as getting the Machinegun equipment and perhaps Overwatch, so he could stand his ground and pelt enemies with fire.