Batch Basing

As I have probably briefly mentioned several times, in previous posts, I tend to do my bases several at once. Since basing grit can be messy. So today I decided to get some bases on a few of my miniatures lacking some, then remembered some other ones, and then looked into my storage box and hoooo boy, there sure were some fellas needing rocks and foliage too! So looking at my already crowded painting desk, I gathered up my supplies and moved into the living room.

As far as my process goes, it is fairly straight forward. I start by patching holes in the slotted bases, not taken up by the minis tap. Then spread out a layer of glue and add gravel in various sizes, so a few bigger pieces, some medium ones and some fine sand to round it off. 

One all that has dried I paint it up in a few steps, I lay down a base coat of what used to be called Snakebite Leather, then a drybrush of Vomit Brown followed with some highlights of Elf Flesh along the lines of the most prominent rocks. Once that lot has dried I glue on shrubs or tangles of barbed wire. I ended up spending what was about 2 of Wo Fat's albums.

First and foremost we have my awesome fungus posse, all of them converted fungi from alternative armies.

A small selection of my Wretched posse for MDRG, consisting of games workshop poxwalkers and LOTR goblins.

A group of tribals or "future savages" from moonraker miniatures

My meant to be infected coalition scouts, from Prince August's line of Warzone Mutant Chronicles.

A trader with his cow, assembled from bits from all over. The watchdog was a late addition to the base and will of course need a few layers of paint too.

This giant monster from Kromlech, meant to be the largest of my Necrolluscs.

And finally this ragtag band of never do wells, including another alternative armies model and a robot from TC Miniatures.