Toy Hunting

Yesterday evening I was stuck by a memory of a quite cool robot toy I had, which would've been perfect conversion fodder.

The plan, could I find it, would be to greenstuff some more details, adding a few spikes and chains going for a slightly less child friendly appearance, like the Killbot from Ghouls performances.

And so started and entire aftenoons searching in various old drawers and boxes. I ended up finding a few doodles from 2009-ish as well as some pretty cool monster plants I had sculpted waaaaay back.

I am thinking that these plants could easily be made to fit among my other mutant plants when treated to bases and a little green stuff. And then I made a bit of a breakthrough, finding these:

And suddenly I had a clue tangible enough to actually produce the google image in the start of my post, but I couldn't for the life of me actually find Klaktor himself. But I ended up with a consolation prize in the shape of this neat rock dude who apparently had a power value of 6 stamped on his right foot, whichever that meant.

Who I promptly began painting as is tradition. I considered switching out the pickaxe, but it sort of makes sense to me that that'd be the weapon of choice for fighting fellow golems. Plus there is a rope around the thigh and some spikes to create handholds on his back. So obviously this golem hunts his own kin with a vengeance!