Toy Hunting part 2: Fistful of Power!

Pondering over the heroic rock dude I found earlier, I remembered that matter of fact he was far from alone. So up into the dusty and cramped space of our attic I went and dug out the box.

I could hardly remember the actual name of the product, but considering that they had a stamp from a manufacturer, it made everything a little easier. Here are a few of my finds, who I am quite certain is getting bases and new paint jobs along the way.

Sadly upon digging through the box something literally felt wrong, mainy of the figures felt sticky and porous. After a little investigation it turned out many of the figures had "gone" bad, considering they've spent at least 10 years in a box in a shed. Luckily not all of them are however. Just the transparent ones, which encompass some 75% of them.


You see these Fistful of Power warriors came in different versions, a shadow version where they are this black transparent plastic, a crystal version where they are white transparent with some details painted on, and finally a hyper version where they are fully coloured to the standard of underpaid child labour. And yes of course the hyper forms of them are the rarest because... marketing reasons.


Which leaves me with a somewhat narrow group of cool dudes to paint. And that is probably well enough, so I don't have to dive into painting the some 60 fighters in the box, which considering them being available in boxes of five back in the day mean I have very kind and patient parents.