The Gnar Cluster-Fucks, part 4

Once again: this post is part of a series so you should probably visit the first one. Or just go straight to the relevant label to read them in whichever order you fancy. Long story short, I'm playing a series of connected games using a fan mod for Wasteman.

"You know what?" Arrakhar grunted as he nudged Gordo. "Remember that boss-guy who ordered us out to face all those muties? I bet he was just too big a wuss to do it himself! AND WE KILLED THAT GIANT!!" Finishing his haunch of meat, Gordo spits out the a few bones "Ye. I bet he isn't as str-" Arrakhar raved on "WE SHOULD KILL HIM TOO!!" And so an ill-conceived plan was formed, find the guy and kill him for his cowardry. Its not like he had an entire syndicate to help him, or a group of bodyguards and trap makers to help secure his compound.

As per the scenario, I laid out a map of at least 8 rooms, which sure is a step up from some of the 4 room missions earlier. But to my surprise, the opposition itself wasn't that large. With only 5 deputies, the boss and two bodyguards I just had to murder 8 people tops, easy peasy.

My starting hand was varied. Malfuction was useless, while Moojuice and Strange Meat are nice ways of avoid injuries. The Galactic Bombardment might be slightly overkill, as it has a large area of effect.

KNOCK KNOCK! Nearby gangers rise from their comfortable seats in the otherwise empty bar. "Whatcha doin' here? The boss aint called for you, piss off you louts" the one behind the bar exclaims, sending a dismissive puff of smoke their direction and cranking the volume on the stereo.

Calling on his beastly deity, Arrakhar manifests a Ground Maw, tearing through the floorboards, knocking over bottles chairs and swallowing the cigar-sucker whole.

As he draws fire from the various rifles, his fellow crusaders charge into the room. Gordo cranking off a shot with his new boomstick that sends splinters and shrapnel at the already crippled punk in the corner. Sipping up some Moo Juice and preparing for the next assault, he calls upon the Bestial Frenzy of Gnar, causing Wilhelm/Theodor to for once agree on one thing: FRESH MEAT!

Landing no less that 4 successful hits with hammer and newfound claws, the gun-wielding goon was very quickly beaten into submission and torn to bloody bits. Sadly much of the other fighting is a simple wrestling back and forth, trying to wrest away guns and trading superficial blows.

Wanting whichever help he can get, Arrakhar embraces the chaos and channels a Calamity, resulting in Brother Albies bones knitting themself back together miraculously. With the pilgrims clearing out the left side of the bar and the crusaders the right, they quickly get any opposition beaten into submission. With spirits high Skorn kicks open the nearby door, only to send an engulfing puff of flame his way. Catching both him and Arrakhar.

Deciding to split up and cover ground more quickly, the two pilgrims headed left covered by Gordo's boomstick.

Meanwhile Arrakhar and Skorn headded right with summoned reinforcements. Arrakhar was somehow still on fire while not really hurt by the ordeal. Praise Gnar!

Exploring the right wing proved largely uneventful, and would've been entirely a bore if it wasn't for the presence of the still immolated Arrakhar.

Meanwhile, the pilgrims found one of their marks. Handy Jay, weaponsmith of the boss and a danger to their less than graceful coup. Sadly he and his junk mine had been expecting them. And he immediately detonates it, seeing how many they've come.

In one moment everything had seemed fine, but now ears were ringing, and was that a screwdriver stuck in Albies cheek? Gordo was the first to come about, but he held his fire, with two friendlies so close. Next came Theodor, William was still out cold unfortunately. So Theodor had to manuver this damn deadweight body as best he could to finish up the shellshocked mechanic.

With Handy Jay never giving him a chance to wake up. Albie was awoken to a series of thuds and quite the sight, and the discomfort of a screwdriver against his molars. Wanting to get his bearing, we indulged his cannibalistic site and munched on the beaten opponent, inviting Theodor/William to join in.

Anew everyone regrouped, only the boss and his bodyguard left, and even if they had some surprises planned, they wouldn't stand a chance against the lot of them.

Unbeknownst to them however, Flint Eastwood was a sneaky fellow. Once again Skorn was the one to notice, but did make it intact through the hail of bullets coming his way.

Arrakhar already on edge leapt to his friends defense and chopped down Flint without much hassle.

Not being deemed that useful right now, the skeletal retainer was sent to the breaching drill with the wounded Skorn, so that he may fight another day. In the other end of the compound, the group find who they had been looking for.

"Wait until the Kremlin hears of this! I was democratically appointed! My inauguration crowd was the largest in the history of the wastes, you sad losers are out of your depth!"

Channeling the might of Gnar into another Calamity, the Boss' mind was flooded and his weak will broken until only a resounding screech echoed in there "KNEEL BEFORE GNAR WORM!" unable to pilot his body, he felt himself walking foward onto to take a knee before Arrakhar.

Bringing his axe down, Arrakhar cleft him cleanly in two, leaving the entire compound to be their oyster. On his person they found 20 caps. But much more importantly they find the lot of the former bosses files and contacts, even with him dead, they can rebuild his network with them as the new figureheads, taking a much greater cut of all profits. Seeing as Wilhelm/Theodor always had an advisor handy, they were assigned to running this new network for the glory of Gnar.

Being quite the unique mission, this one also gives out some hefty benefits, which I all enjoy now:
If all rooms are cleared, you can become the new Boss in which case 1 character gains the
Expert skill. You can now recruit from the Arches for half list price, rounded down. Crime lord missions now have no penalty and gain an extra 10 Cps for success.

Headding to the market while Wilhelm/Theodor go through leads they quickly find ways to spend their money as Albie and Skorn both get the treatments they need. But with 10 cps saved up, and even larger paychecks in the future, hiring more muscle should an easy feat in the future...