Snails and Tanks

January has been another of those moths with no primary painting project and instead various small things to chip away at. Among the biggest of them is the completion of my group of necrolluscs and the majority of the mutant plants I got as a black friday order.

Working with something as large as this beast from Kromlech was quite refreshing, as simply doing base, layer, highlight and shading itself would make it monotone in this scale, so it was really fun working in a few greens and purples in there.

On top of that, after a bit of a nudge, I decided to join on all working on awesome vehicles which seems to be the current theme on the wasteman facebook group. Here for example are two really cool vehicles made by Steven Perry who is on fire! 

Some of you regulars may remember my APC made of miscasts from last year, well I have started painting it up. Taking great advice and inspiration from Jason of TC Miniatures to do graffiti, which is yet more unfamiliar territory, but I feel like I have gotten somewhat away with it.

That is all for now, have a good one folks.