Giant Ants for MDRG

A few days ago a supplement for A Song of Blades of Heroes arrived, detailing various giant ants.


And given that the game itself is almost identical to Mutants and Death Ray Guns in mechanics, I simply had to go ahead and make them playable there as well. So here is my unofficial giant ant profiles for MDRG. I will reference rules in the new supplement, but wont spell them out for you, so please do pick it up for a dollar if you wanna use these fellows.

Giant Ants Q4+, C3
Big, Clinging, Maverick, Hive Mind.

They have been given the Maverick quality here, as they otherwise could be part of other warbands. And over all they prefer having a Hive Queen over a Leader, and I wouldn't want someone to stack those two bonuses.

You also pick one of three breeds for them:
Carpenter: has Tree Cutter and Forester
Fire Ant: has Fire Ant Venom and Superstition
Winged: has Flying and Agile

I also wanted to make a Cordyceps breed, but I am not entirely sure on how it should work just yet. Also I made some small changes to these abilities, to better fit MDRG. Tree Cutter also works for telephone masts, tall totem poles and what not. The Q roll for Tree Cutter also have a bonus if you have Danger Sense, and a penalty of you have Unreactive. And the Fire Ant Venom of course wont work on models in NBC Suits or Powered Armor either. I removed the Formic Acid trait from the normal Fire Ants and came up with a new trait better fitting the setting.

Many people foolishly believe fire ants actually breathe fire, therefore anyone with Fear of Fire also fears the fire ant variety of giant ants. Should a character with Fear of Fire put a giant ant out of action, they will overcome that fear for future campaign games.

And finally the Ants do not get a Leader or Champion, but instead a Hive Queen which has both the Hive Queen and Champion trait. The Queen also has the traits of whichever breed she is.

I did not wanna include a champion or the option of promoting to one with a profile that already reads Combat 3 and Big on top, but having the queen be bigger and badder than the rest made sense, plus the additional +1C should insentivise getting her into combat, while she'd still be an Achilles heel for the Hive Mind.