Approaching Mega-City One...

Considering how rather broad my nerdery is, encompassing things like star wars, firefly, the thing, sword and sorcery, oldhammer, mad max, gamma world, metamorphosis alpha, wasteman, dystopian cyberpunk etc etc etc. It is kind of an oddity that something like Judge Dredd has completely slipped the net. But it has always merely been a perifial thing that I never got much direct contact with.

Like I know he was this law-guy and something about some evil judges too and a very crowded city. Which ofcourse I know is kind of a gross ignorance and over simplification of the setting. But truth be told, where the heck do you start with a setting with such a vast history. Well it turns out that Humble Bundle is throwing a sale on 2000 AD comics, starring Judge Dredd himself. Ending in about 6 days from the time of posting, should you be interested.

So a quick swipe of the credit card, and I now have a collection of Judge Dredd comics to dive into, I have already read the two first volumes now. And wow have I been missing out.

The overarching plot of their story line The Long Fail is really great and accented by smaller side stories that happen within the same events, while not necessarily focusing on Dredd himself. And rather than being a disconnected antology, we revisit locations and follow the fates of his fellow Judges like Myers and Tarjay in the chaos of a major conspiracy.

But I am probably getting ahead of myself, for surely I cant be the only one who sort of missed out on this setting. In short, we are in the future year of 2100-ish, mankin was some kind of warmongering dicks and have ended up in a great war irradiating vast parts of america, so people have fled the wastes and new tiered mega-cities have been erected to house refugees from all over. Mega-City One is one such city, with a truly massive population density per square mile and an even biggere gap between the poorest and the richest, tensions are high and the city is a constant powder keg of criminal elements, infighting and disasters. To cope with this a force of special operatives known as Judges have been trained, they are the emergency responders and they serve as both judge, jury and executioners in the field, effectively curbing riots and executing criminals in the streets.

What I am most happy about with this purchase though, is how the setting goes full on wacky but doesn't take itself too overly seriously. In a setting that flirts with fascist fantasies of lawful empowerment to punish the poor for acting out, as well as complete infallibility as any protest is also a criminal offense. It is a blessing to see the Judges made out to be a just as silly extreme as the criminals they meet.

As opposed to a certain god-emperor of mankind and his squad of bully-boys.