The Gnar Cluster-Fucks, part 3

Once again: this post is part of a series so you should probably visit the first one. Long story short, I'm playing a series of connected games using a fan mod for Wasteman.

As soon as Wilhelm/Theodor has had that calcium shot he needed, they snatch the nearest poster from the bulletin board and head back into the clusters. A toxic sludge is apparently frequented by a monstrously huge being, and the good heroes need only replace or rearm traps in the area for an easy payday.

Not entirely the hand I'd like, but 3 copies of Mutant Mutilator means that I can hopefully put some pain on anybody dumb enough to get in the way.

"Ey look! There's a wire connected to the door handle, odd huh? I wonder what happens if..." The door booms open and slams Albie in the face with a convincing crunch.

The rules didn't actually state a power level for the booby traps, but them very much being a work in progress that is to be expected. I went with a solid Power 5 which is a level above taking a great axe or shotgun to the chest.

Sludging through the toxic waste, the crew easily replaced the trap with a new one. And through a not-at-all rigged draw of straws, decided that sure Albie should keep up the door business.... once everyone else had gotten a good distance. Only later on did Gordo discover the additional gibbering mouths that had grown on his shoulders. He was now a mutant like so many others.

After a couple of more door openings, and trap rearmings Albie began to catch on through the haze of his very likely concussion. "Wait, why am I the only one risking my health?! I see you lousy lot just hanging back there all casual like!" And so, Albie proved more stubborn than Arrakhar was fearful of his god. With a minor incantation they summoned another skeletal wraith to do the heavy lifting while the rest of them discussed exactly what kind of dead animal this bog smelled like. And while it was trudging along even it got affected by the ooze growing strange extremities like small trees.

Uttering a prayer of Unholy Vigor, Arrakhar send the servant scuttling along in a rapid pace until it hit a minor hiccup... 

And while it could probably have outrun the waking Globe Strider and planted the remaining traps, this was after all a skeletal servant of Gnar and so, there was no real question what it was gonna do.

To my luck the skeleton had become a Mutant as well, and with extra action points it was an obvious target for Mutant Mutilator, letting it unleash 4 attacks with Power 10. Blood for Gnar!!

Seeing this furious being take on the giant beast, whose blows went through its spectral body could be considered nothing short of an omen, a call to battle! The others rush forward as quick as they could to join the fray and put down this beast for Gnar, blessing the skeleton anew with Unholy Vigor and brutal mutant strength. In joining his servant Arrahkar too became affected by the toxic sludge and grew even more deform. 

As weapons cut true and the enraged giant became more and more disfigured by their violence directed at its form, victory seemed assured. Until disaster, or rather the Giant, struck. Their servant was just a little too slow and was caught by a massive blow, crumbling and splintering instantly. Albie decided to try saving this heroic being, and drag it from the reach of the towering fiend they faced.

But the giant was not done by any stretch of the imagination. Staggering forward battered and bloody, it caught Albie with a swing and sent his battered form flying. Not wanting to squander Gnar's gift to them and flee this battlefield, Arrakhar decided to face down the wounded giant. 

With -4" movement from all the times it has been crippled, along with half movement for moving through sludge, it could at best move 1 or 2 inches per turn.

And so Arrakhar swung his weapon overhead, channeling the dark water around him into a halo that solidified into savage splinters of baleful ice, with a flick of the wrist he sent them flying, rending flesh and spilling the blood of the giant beast.

 A few moments later, as hes comrades were fleeing and Albie lay dying, he continued this merciless barrage, exposing bone as chunks were torn by the endless razor hail that descended on the giants form.

 I was quite lucky, Ice Shards hit 1d10 times each time it is cast, and I never rolled beneath 5.

And with a deafening boom, and ensuing tidal wave of muck, the hulking form collapsed, lifeless.

Triumphantly returning to the Coalition with traps to spare, they drew quite a spectacle as they dropped off the massive heart and head of this being. The team got their 8 cap fee paid, and the coalition agreed to a round of free medical service, considering how many other scouts would need treatment had that thing still been alive. Albie also got a thorough talk with one of the technicians regarding his bomb disposal blunders, and picked up quite a few handy pointers for next time. Brother Albie has learned the Mechanic Skill.

During their physical examination, it was clear that the only person who hadnt' ended up with deviant genes was Skorn, every one else was now a Mutant as well with whatever benefits and stigma that may bring.

And at the traders Gordo traded in his Mace for a Boom Stick, which they quickly got spruced up using the weapon modification they found earlier. And so they had tasted some of the glory and powers of this realm, with new mutant forms, bloody conquests and even one of these Fire Arms.


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