The Gnar Cluster-Fucks, part 2

Hello, PC trouble was a bad connection to the screen, but after a night of thinking about what it had done my laptop was cooperative again, for however long that may last. Also this post is part of a series so you should probably visit the first one. Long story short, I'm playing a series of connected games using a fan mod for Wasteman.

When we last left our "heroes" they were headding out towards a mutant filled canyon in the search for glorious 'Fire Arms'. The scenario is The Hills have Eyes, I have to track down a waylaid delivery in an area full of well-armed mutants.

My starting hand is a varied sort. I have a oil slick I can use to slow down enemies, two cups of extra strong coffe that can give my guys extra actions, a freak tornado to move someone quite a distance, and finally pain killers which is a relief to see again.

Wanting to be thorough the party goes to the closest door and opens it up, revealing the shipment and a long rifled pipe (a +2" range mod for a weapon). This is has got to be the easiest paycheck by far, open door, get the box, go home, get paid...

However as soon as the box is revealed alarms blare through old speakers and all the local hoodlums come crawling from their crevices!

 Two of the mutants come bursting through a door firing off blasts from their shotguns, immediately catching Albie off-guard and spooking several others. With the canyons being so narrow, any shotguns around here would bathe everyone in pellets. And having waves of enemies heading their way, they need to grab the goods and bail out fast.

Arrakhar once again proves why he deserves the mantle of leadership, delivering a crippling wound to the nearby mutant while unleashing their bottled tornado to throw his mate way off course. Finally, invoking his powers as a battle priest, he summons a Wyrdling to hold off the enemies, a bloody skeletal retainer from the ashen plains of Gnars domain.

Skorn wastes no time bounding off to grab the heavy crate and begin lugging it towards their glorified breaching drill.

Gordo Vilehand followed up his boss' example and struck down the nearby mutant with his hefty bludgeon.

Getting a quick shot of Pain Killers, Albie gets up and quickly closes the door to prevent further shots from going off in their direction. Meanwhile behind the door someone is bravely holding off enemies.

While the skeletal wraith of Gnar has but a measly studded armor, its supernatural form makes most successful blows pass right through it. Invigorated by the greatest elixir of this realm, the wraith fights vigorously to hold of the enemies of its master.

Arrakhar tries to manifest aid for it, on his way back to their breaching drill, casting the Calamity power. Sadly the flipped M.A.D. card is of no use in this situation, and their brave defender is left to perish as the rest of them makes clean escape

Their blood thirst not nearly quenched, Arrakhar snatched up another bounty while Wilhelm/Theodor get the crippling injury sorted out....