So about that Engine-Seer...

As some of you might've have spotted on my previous post about the adeptus mechanicus, I was actually working on a kit bashed enginseer, but kinda ended up leaving that topic behind as I dove into wild speculation.

So to properly return to the beginnings of this. GW news is a buzz with the re release of Necromunda, and while the temptation was there for me, I remembered another 40k skirmish game they released recently. Shadow Wars: Armageddon, which I incidentally have a copy of the rulebook, as well as some sets to make genestealers and some admech skitarii. Both sets were purchased before the game, because I do like some cyborgs priesthood and genestealer cultists, 40k or not.

So I one afternoon sat down to build myself an engineseer, who seemed like a pretty cool special operative for them, being well armoured and equipped with guns, power weapons and multiple grenades they also let you re-roll all missed ammo rolls nearby.

And slowly but steadily I have made some Ad Mech, forces. I also have a handful of skitarii rangers but they're quite by the books, so I'll leave you with these fellows instead.

"Plasma Pistol misfiring? Not likely with me around"

Power Axe and Servo Arm

Plasma Caliver, here to melt faces with sustained fire

Omnispex and Phosphor rounds, here to paint targets for focused fire

Rust stalker having a peek

Probably a specialist with an Electric Rifle