Skeletons for Christmas!

So yesterday I finished my red Shadespire skeletons, or atleast finished everything but their bases. And while my december has been mostly exhaustion and insomnia, I figured I should cheat you lot of a few pics. So here they are, in all their red splendor. I am expecting them to probably see more table times in non-Shadespire games, but regardless they will be a nice addition to my grand army of chaos and evil things.

When marauding outside the realm of Shadespire, I'd like to imagine them as the unholy forces of some evil god. While there are plenty to take from I kind of find the idea of Sithrak, from the not at all SFW comic Oglaf, to be the most humorous prospect.

Another side project I might've neglected to update is my hot wheels, of which I currently have 4 finished racers and another one soon done as well. I am still not sure exactly which rule system to use, but that doesnt make them less exciting all things considered.

As for what I will be painting next I am not entirely sure. I have plenty of potential markers and terrain pieces to finish, some sweet mutant plants and my previously mentioned Ad Mech. But considering my black friday order from Ramshackle Games arrived today, I am also feeling quite inclined towards painting up some squats and buddies in power armour.

Again, the next couple of days will probably be hectic so I just wish you all happy holidays from here for now.