Chrismas and 2017 in review

My main christmas present this year was a collection of dark eldar sets and an escher gang. Which ofcourse meant a kitbash galore with me making several chemmed-up punk-ass gladiators. As with the majority of my models, I have valued function over form and figure I can easily stat them up for whichever game system I think needs them.

On top of that I also got myself some of the sweet Necrolluscs from TC Miniatures, and a snail beast of nurgle to lead them.

I love this fellows sort of "oh no" expression giving him a sort of juvenile innocence. I guess his playtime just got a bit rough. And as a third semi-surprise my kickstarter pledge for some Pantheon of Chaos minis finally arrived, and they are drop dead gorgeous. I got around 9 of their beastmen and malal inspired monstrocities, a few of which I had to get colouring right away.

As far as 2018 goes, I have a large amount of things stacked up and ready for me to dive into. I have my remaining squad of Adeptus Mechanicus, I have my large Cerebalite and its slaves, my Necrolluscs, Squats, Dark Eldar, Pantheon Beastmen and Ramshackle Terrain. So there is definately things to dive into once I work up the courage.

Looking back at 2017 with all its distractions and tragedies, I have also gotten quite a few things painted, in no particular order:

My Warzone undead legionaires

This sweet display tray

And all the cool LOTR Goblins (now wretched mutants) on it.
These Cybjôrg badasses

Black Goblins, from Knightmare Miniatures

This motley crew of cursed men and beasts

My Shadespire skeletons, who have only suffered terrible defeats so far.

Repurposed Hotwheels for some roadwar mayhem.

Converted mutant fungi from Alternative Armies

Gnarly Pilgrims from TC Miniatures, a Warzone boss-guy and a converted warhammer giant.

And a techno-barbarian posse for the latest expansion of Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

And last but in no way least, I have been working with Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games on a little something, that should release next year. 

To be frank 2017 has felt like a perfect skidmark of a year for me, but looking back at my photo records, it is kind of reassuring how much I have managed to hobby up regardless.