The Mongrelmen

Working away on my covern of mutants, I have gotten a real fondness for the Otherworld Mongrelmen who are such characterful sculpts who appear as these wicked hybrids of who know how many animals. Scales, cloven hoofs, a tentacle, curly horns, they really have the lot going for them, and are exactly the kind of degenerate rabble I want for my segment of chaos creatures. And I will very likely revisit Otherworld Miniatuers and consider some of what else they have on offer.

But enough with official photo, here are mine in their current state:

Around this point in my work I got hit with a tad of melancholy, since I want more of these lads to paint, and now I were already done with them. So I ended up raiding my bits to figure out if I could perhaps kitbash another freak.

Mister grumpy-face-squid-halbardier here ended up with a scale shield. And an old toy frog I have had lying about since 2002 got itself an unexpected rider.

While the frog itself is from Schleich, the rider is an assortment of bits from gamesworkshop, including a beastman, saurus cavalry and one of their phenomenal Lord of the Rings goblins. The goblin kit is incredibly characterful by the way and something I'd clearly recommend for anyone looking for lumpy tumorous little weird-lings. Some of the other goblins can be seen here in the guise of wretched mutants decking out my cool homemade terrarium.