Post Weekend Madness

The last couple of days has been a real ruckus with Black Friday and its accompanying consumer craze, and to top it off I have had plans every single day, which is something that I very very rarely do.

Saturday was board game afternoon with some friends, where I got to bring along a new card game. and try it cooperatively with 5 people.

Godforsaken Scavengers, by Drawblack Games

A 1-6 player cooperative or competitive card game. The players are starring as these anthropomorphic ant-people scent on a mission from their colony through the dark winding tunnels of their underground world. Among the way are traitors, ferocious monsters, traps, starvation and despair. It has a very Darkest Dungeon feel with people needing to balance greed, hunger and afflictions to make it through. I had great fun with the scenario we played and my character ended up becoming superstitious after finding a massive underground sea of corpses, so suddenly the group had to cope with me sacrificing precious resources to every bit of unusually shaped stone, to appease the spirits within.

Following that whole affair, I had the very next day to host a role playing session for my newly assembled group. Taking place in a post apocalyptic Canada in and around an old hydro electric plant, the players had to deal with local castes of engineers, huntsmen, intrigue and whichever mutant horrors lived in the surrounding woods.

And today on Cyber-Monday I am licking my wounds, sleeping, eating candy and watching netflix. 

Between food and episode binges I also managed to paint up a few miniatures. You may remember my frog rider from last post, he is now fully painted and finished, lacking only some basing work once the whole lot is done.

And on top of that I got to work on my slightly neglected E-Liminator. My preference regarding post apocalyptic robots is always towards the less intelligent ones, the regular automated workers who now have to face a world that doesnt fit within any of their work parameters or general programming. So with the E-Liminator I wanted it to be a sort of gardening robot with a very generous approach to what is considered unwanted growths. And I decided to go with a scheme inspired by the Bosch power tools, since I do want that sort of tool-like feel here, rather than them seeming like a high functioning AI.

As always basing will come once I have a batch to fix up. And while we're on the subject of Wasteman, saturday (I think) Jason decided to fire up another short kickstarter to fund recasting for a lot of his old terrain. Not one to overlook a shot at some cheap beetles, recliner chairs and vending machines to spruce up a table, I had to dosh out a little support too.

Radtown Returns