Onwards to the Bogs

With my Cybjörgs properly finished, and my hotwheels on a slight backburner, I am pondering what new crew or warband to paint up. Having dealt with alien beasts, huge mechanical terrors and spruced up cars I felt a tingle for going oldschool fantasy. I kinda wanna do this large pool of thematic models and warbands I can use for whichever systems I wanna try out and play around with, just like I have been doing with my post apocalyptic models.

I already have some black goblins painted up and am planning to add skaven, dragon ogres, minotaurs, beastmen, chaos mutants and skeletons to the lot.

So as said I have some assorted 90-'00 skavens who'd love a new layer of paint, specifically some plague monks, plague censors, command and lord Skrolk and I'd love repainting them in the bright colours of 4th edition warhammer fantasy, since that is when I got into the hobby.

Additionally a clan skryer weapon detatchment could be cool, as I have a few weapon teams, globadiers, warplocks etc but for that I'd really like my order of Tim Prow ratmen to arrive first, so there would be some 'loose' skirmishers among the lot too.

But instead I have another small warband I turn my eye towards. Assembled from a true mishmash of producers and companies, consisting of a Goblin Witch from Knightmare Miniatures, a chaos dwarf from CP Models, some Mongrelmen from Otherworld Miniatures and a book-carrying and frog familiar from a places I cant remember.

The idea was largely inspired of Knightmare Miniatures description of their beastman range:

Wretches, freaks and by-blows, there are as many types and origins of beastmen as there are stars in the sky. Some were born ruined and left to die in the woods, others the victims of a hag's curse, still others the result of debased union between man and animal, indeed there are old stories of druids spending too long in the wilds of the world and taking on the aspects of the beasts they kept company with.

I love the notion of these sinners, outcasts and mutants being driven away with torch and pitchfork into the dark bogs to perish in its depths or to its wildlife. But instead they're saved by an old crone, adopting them as family. They are given new worth as her servants, scouts and foragers, helping her weave her spells and steal lost children.