Misscast Ahoy!

So, today my otherwise leisurely aftetnoon got hijacked by a weighty package. My bulk purchase of miscasts had arrived, so I of course had to begin unpacking and sorting the lot.

Among the largest pieces were these, meant to be cabins, tracks and other things. The real price here obviously being the large tunneling transport in the rear.

I also got a huge grab bag of arms, jet bike pilots, strongboxes, canisters and 20mm bikers.

Looks like a biker gang will be joining my hotwheel racers, probably serving as additional adversaries and obsticals.

After a soapy bath and a scrub, I had gotten the oily residue off the major parts. Its there to help them release the molds more easily, but will gladly shun paint and glue too. I discovered enough bits to make myself a sort of armored APC so I ofcourse went with it.

Finishing up my inventory taking and brainstorm, I have these. Which are gonna be lovely scenario objectives. I love the visual aid of having these crates like the one top left lying at the feet of models who claimed them, making them great tokens to represent victory points or carried caches of resources an opponent can still have a shot of stealing.

Likewise I also got these grenade markers, intended to show the ideal point of impact by the thrower, before it most likely drifts, scatters and blows up. Since two of them come in pairs I plan to paint them as identical as possible with the exception of a letter or coloured dot on the bottom. Then I can use them as mines and dummy counters, having their placer declare wether A or B is the lethal one, and then placing them facedown, forcing caution on the other players behalf.

All in all I am very happy with this purchase which I got at the mere price of postage. I got an APC, a large tunnel borer, wrecks usable as terrain, several potential counters, a whole parade of 20mm bikers and several 28mm scale arms with varying weapon choices.

Oh yeah and this fellow: