March of the Black Goblins

So! Last night I decided to do the reasonable adult thing and delay my sleep to finish my goblin crone, meaning I can now show off the full group of them. Though I have omitted the bright blue toad rider, since the colour choice makes him stick out a bit. But that is a hassle for another day. Sadly the lightning is a bit iffy this time of year, and using flash sort of over-saturates the colours.

During my time with the lovely goblin crone sculpt, I remembered that I had failed to share my other Knigthmare goblins, all done by Kevin Adams and all of which being a true joy to paint. The below lads are my Black Goblins led by the foul mutant Skrag the Omnious.

They are already fully statted as Knights of Gnar lead by a Battle Priest for Wasteman. With Skraag himself being a terrifying, crossbow and relic toting battlepriest in plate armour. His lads wear mostly studded leather and an assortment of maces, swords, axes and shields.

With the Knightmare stuff once again being the subject matter on my paint desk, I feel the excitement and anticipation for the Pantheon of Chaos stuff rising again.