Wasteman Kritters [CW: Photo of Spider]

Ain't no rest for the wicked. I figured my Cerebalite should get assembled so I could play with it, it was frankly a damn mess. It comes with 10 tentacles you with no pre-assigned slots, and they're all slightly bendable so you can really make it expressive, but all this gave me a degree of decision paralysis when it first arrived. But I think I got away with it.

Statting it and its infested colonists was a bit of a puzzle, I want them to be a part of my coalition, but quite likely every single of its skills and equipment would count as uncommon and incur a points penalty. So I figured I'd make them a supporting Posse of Kritters, while other rosters were also considered I ended with the Kritters as they seemed the best choice for statting my infested colonists. I want my colonists sorta weak and drone-like but cheap. And given that the Kritters roster gives all models involved the Strong-Arm and Bruiser abilities for free, I could get away with not assigning my colonists any real weapons.

In the end this is the profile I decided on:

Infested Colonists (35)
Blank Profile (5)
Bruiser & Strong-Arm (free)
Gnarled Hide (15)
Trained (15)

At 35 points total they will be quite cheap. Their hide should give them some lasting power and the free Bruiser and Strong-Arm will not make them total wusses in melee. Being trained they can also gather and interact with scenario objectives more easily.

As for the Cerebalite itself, it got a quite expensive profile, that I am otherwise really happy with.

Cerebalite (190)
Blank Profile (5)
Bruiser & Strong-Arm (free)
Gnarled Hide (15)
Particle Caster (40)
    Uncommon Fee (20)
Winged Fiend (15)
Expert (25)
Exopath (50)
    Uncommon Fee (20)

I initially went with tentacles instead of the Particle Caster, but it deserved some alien weaponry. And I have a bit of a weakness for Projector weapons like the Particle Caster, since it has a sporadic range but can pierce multiple targets if they are lined up correctly. And given its rather high initial power, with Bruiser and Strong-Arm it will only hit all the harder. And the Cerebalite has a lot of abilities to help it utilize this weapon, hopefully making all the uncommon fees worth it. Firstly, being a winged fiend it can float freely over terrain, so it wont have to waste actions move around it. Secondly being an Exopath it can draw enemies out of position with powerful mind, meaning you can force foes into a line, or draw someone in for a Power 6 point blank shot. And finally the Cerebalite is an Expert allowing it to take up to three actions, so it can use one action to move or setup a shot and the remaining two of firing.

And among my lot of CP Models I had ordered were what can only be described as an overgrown facehugger from Alien.  Ahem, "Giant Arachnid with Stinger". Like with their Cerebalite (or Grell for the D&D inclined), the metal is soft enough to be coerced into other shapes. I posed my facehugger to be in this more active arachnid threat display, as opposed to the rather bland pose on CP Models store.
Kyrontf on Flicker

This facehugger was fairly straight forward to stat, with things like Gnarled Hide and Vicious Claws being obvious choices. One thing I was kind of sad to see missing from Wasteman's otherwise impressive weaponry selection was any sort of stinger. While I am content with the Vicious Claws for now, I did homebrew a weapon for that niche.

Weapon: Venomous Barb
Power 2, Range 1", Cost ??
Bruiser, Rad, Dull.
Applicable to Ninja Warrior Skill
Common to Kritters and Mutie Men

Its meant to be a wounding weapon rather than a killing one. With a low end Power to not make it hit all the time, that can be boosted in the hands of Kritters, Bandits and Cybjörgs who all have easy access to the Strong-Arm effect. Likewise it will also be ineffective against the stronger armours out there. It will count as a knife or shiv type weapon, allowing troublesome bandits and other Ninja Warriors to hit and run with it and its short range means you can dual wield it if you so choose. Bruiser and Rad combined means that most successful hits will result in some nasty debilities. Meanwhile the wholly new effect Dull gives -1 on the to wound roll, meaning you cant score FATALITIES with the weapon, but at most Serious Injuries.