Wasteman Kritters Addendum

So a couple of things happened after I wrote about my knock-off facehugger enemy for Wasteman. The main thing being that the big man Jason Fairclough, owner of ThunderChild Miniatuers and the creative mind behind Wasteman gave his stamp of approval for the Venomous Barb. Giving it an official point cost for the game, and mentioning his intention to include it in the list of new weapons for the coming expansion (Liberty Land formerly known as Mega Mutie Mercs).

Its profile is as follows, with more in-detail talk of why I chose those things in my previous post.

Weapon: Venomous Barb
Power 2, Range 1", Cost 7
Bruiser, Rad, Dull. (Its special effect Dull gives -1 when rolling to wound.)
Applicable to Ninja Warrior Skill
Common to Kritters, Mutie Men and MODz.

So what better way to celebrate than to refit my facehugger (now affectionately called a Skitterling) to include this weapon. Previously it had the powerful Vicious Claws and the skill Trusty Steed, meaning it could hit hard and scurry far, but only one of the other.

However now with the kind of weapon I had intended for it, its profile deserves an update to fit its new tactics. I kept its Gnarled Hide, and changed its weapon for the Venomous Barb. I intend the creature to be this sort of legged blur scaring the bejesus out of people, much like that whole Camel Spider scare there were some years ago. Secondly I want it to stay moving, giving it the uncommon skill Ninja Warrior, letting it combine a move and attack action into one. So it can rush up and sting someone and then dart away. Finally I give it Expert rather than Trained, letting it take three actions per turn. So now it can really skirt around and nibble at the heels of its enemies. 

Bringing us to a profile that looks like this:

Skitterling (77)
Blank Profile (5)
Bruiser & Strong-Arm (free)
Gnarled Hide (15)
Venomous Barb (7)
Expert (25)
Ninja Warrior (7)
    Uncommon Fee (20)