Terrarium Beginning

About a week ago while shopping I found these delightful clear plastic boxes, meant for nuts, oats, muesli and such. I figured they'd be delightful storage boxes, since I can see what I have finished and put those things on display. As opposed to my current habit of stuffing them into foam packed toolboxes. Ideally I would like to avoid that whole tetris feeling of every success you have dissapearing out of sight, with only mistakes and unfinished business remaining.

One idea followed another, and I figured I could place some sort of movement trays in the buttom and make thematic dioramas for my various warbands that way. My first attempts were crude and unsatisfactory. I figured, why buy treys when we have a 25mm power drill, clearly the guy without any real experience with powertools will produce an inlay as presice and clean as the lasercut alternative...

Say hello to my dwarfs

However failures aside, today my order of movement trays from Element Games arrived. I promptly began figuring out how I could cut them up and how many guys I could fit inside one display. A little time with a pocket knife saw and I was in business. I glued the trays to a piece of carton - cardboard's little brother - and then started to figure out how I can take advantage of the space, and what kind of details I could put where there weren't base slots.

For now I am quite content with the progress, and will call it a day with this one. I need a little time to air out the stench of rather vicious glue, and I bet my brain cells will thank me in the long run. I hope to make 3-4 of these displays, for various settings. One thing that would be extremely cool would be making some sort of sky box background as well, with the promo images from ThunderChild Miniatures being my clear inspiration.

TC Miniatures: Depubot