Terrarium Progress

So, given how quickly I got around to building this display inlay, I really wanted to continue the success today. And for now I am calling it done, short of painting and a few foliage tufts of course. Though I am a bit torn on the painting part, because a lot of the basing grit here actually matches my wasteland basing so priming the entire thing black to start over seems like a step in the wrong direction, plus I kind of love the sickly green glow the slots give off when not in use, like small radioactive puddles. But the spikes, technological gribbles and just barricade definitely need some paint.

 As the sharp eyed reader might notice from the above picture, I had a tiny brain fart during the production. Eager to see the finished thing I let it dry inside the plastic box and snapped on the lid. Turns out this clear plastic doesn't appreciate the glue fumes any more than my eyes do. Luckily I bought more than one box, so this one will just get kept for fitting while construction and the others can be used once the whole thing is dried up and complete.

.... I of course couldn't leave it at that, so here is me playing around with arranging a group of painted minis on there.