Terrarium Finale

When I lasted talked about my terrarium I was trying to figure out how to approach the painting side of it. I kept the grit largely as is, with some cases of me providing some cover paint where the green shone through, and where I need to fix small mistakes. Since after that I painted the scenery bits like the wheel, barricade, fence post and such black and went for an orange-brown colour with scratched edges. I also decided to cut out another roughly circular piece of carton to fit over the 30mm hole for aesthetic purposes.

I also noticed from my previous shot that it all gets a bit messy with so many tall guys shadowing for each other, at least when its on a photo, so I instead went for some more stunted buggers. Also it all fits nice and snugly in the box.

For anyone wondering, the squad in question is my Wretched for MDRG, who are thematically a band of former humans happening upon an unknown pathogen that shrivels and distorts their bodies and minds. They're only kept together by the brave Lt. Gabe who was smart enough to be wearing his rebreather during the incedent. Fighting their way through mutant plant-life, greedy warlords and old machinery. All in an attempt to gather samples from immunized enemies, and finding the gear to synthesize a cure, before their malady could become a true epidemic, threatening the struggling human civilizations. At one point during their journey one of their enemies, obsessed with purpose and diginity, decided to join their ranks as she too became infected. Saidly her knightly virtues and concepts of honor was not enough to save her from the disease in the end.

Wasteland Knight, by Conor Burke