Scions and Cybjörgs

As it often happens when you browse the internet, and especially your kickstarter recommendations, you happen upon something really cool. In this case the vehicular combat game of Road/Kill: Vendetta. Featuring factions of customisable vehicles duking it out and raiding caravans.

However what really caught my fancy was their faction the Scions, described by the creator as a mix of the Reavers and the Borg. A sort of tortured reckless mob, spreading their network to any victims they can find, after having broken in and refitted them to their purpose. Described on the page with this blob:

 “There are worse things than getting killed. Those freaks will cut you to pieces and put you back together all wrong. Put thoughts in your head while they're at it. Whatever happens, don’t let them take you.” – Guard Constable Dylan Aoki

The Locust Stretchgoal

However a combination of a high entry fee to get all the necessary components to play, as well as what will be ungodly shipping and import taxes, I had to give up the idea. But the concept sort of stayed with me.

Well, enter Wasteman! Their zany and weird world contains a faction known as Cybjörgs, a front of remaining cybernetically enhanced soldiers created by a northern-European alliance to serve in the 3rd world war. I recently ordered their core set, and can probably expect it some time next week.

Cybjörg Posse Pack

I plan on making some modifications on them like self-mutilation scars, nails, stretched out skin and I am generally aiming for Hellraiser levels of gruesome. As another benefit I now also have an excuse to get the Malifaux Abominations, which I've always had a sort of interest in, but never found a good reason to get a hold of. Though I may have to put them through some surgery too as miniatures from Wyrd are generally quite lithe, and I wouldn't want them completely dwarfed by the lads above.

Malifaux Abominations