Honk honk!

Around 2015 where we all got to experience the petroleum fueled madness that is Fury Road, I happened upon a rule set that could scratch that itch for vehicular combat, namely Nuclear Renaissance. Featuring rules for precisely outfitting vehicles with various armor plating, engine mods and swivel-mounted weaponry as well as plenty of opportunities to crash gloriously. So I obviously began statting things from my collection, but it while it works perfectly as a vehicle-less skirmish I desired some of that rolling heavy metal thunder. 

Luckily somewhere among my old toys I found just the thing.

A big honking truck with skull hubcaps, a spiked grill, a mohawk and what looks like a permanent grimace of scorn.

I had a feature where you could clamp the mechanism on the back to have it split in half and reveal a big gun piloted by a leather and stud wearing punk, which I unfortunately had to decommission. 

I covered the gaps on it with a structure paste usually reserved for canvasses, as well as adding a rusty and grainy texture to its larger surfaces. It got dolled up with some ork bits, a chaos abomination skull now a hood ornament, and some chopped up old sprues to serve as reinforcement and spikes.

In game terms I statted it as a Truck, with Extra Plating, Bullbars, a Low-Ratio Gearbox and a plenty of Nitro in the tank. Mechanically I wanted to be moving top speed whenever possible and just plowing through whatever and whoever is too slow to get out of the way. With a Ram Score at top speed likely to successfully take on reinforced concrete. Resisting the urge to simply spraypaint the whole thing chrome, I went for a more grounded and filthy look, sticking to it original colour of purple.

Time to make the roads a whole lot less safe!