Heroforge Character Retrospect

The lovely page Heroforge.com which allows you to make your own miniatures from a huge selection of available components, just got a halloween update adding all sort of undead goodness. So as is pretty much customary for me at this point, I revisited it to see if I could update some of my characters. And boy do I get filled with nostalgia looking at my old characters. Given that I mainly GM these days, my roleplaying sessions is spent figuring out plots, enemies, and impersonating the grandeur of the really bad guys. But rarely do I get to really get into a character the way the players do.

So revisiting old "friends" like this, two of my character stood out amongst the rest.
Angelica the Faceless

I am Angelica, and everybody foolishly believes me to be weak. But that is because they see my tender flesh, and not the wrath and blood lust within me. I let the fools believe what they want, for when I don the mask I am a terror, a boogieman. Let them all think me to be a weak and innocent girl, for that guise only hides my responsibility.

Angelica is a character for Apocalypse World. A world where the world was broken as a psychic maelstrom tore open the sky, and populations all went catatonic, mad or became something more in an instant. She is a rather average person harboring a bestial alter ego, personified by the filthy shaggy mask she carries around. It whispers things to her, encourages impulsiveness and demands satisfaction. It brings her a feeling of safety, control and being in power

As I’m sitting there just looking at the damn grazing cattle, a feel a warmth rising in me, a desire to do bad bad things. I unfold the mask from my backpack, and the hefty magnum falls onto the ground with a clank. Staring into its empty eyes it all begins making sense. The fools, sending us here to guard silly cattle when we are so much more! How dare they?! We ought to go show them just who’s in charge here, we are a monster, a cautionary tale. I feel myself trembling, the mask clutched tightly within my hands. My breath shallows as I pull it over my head. It's just a for a little while! I just need to regain my bearings and shake this feeling. As I’m sitting there eyes closed, trying to control my insides, Nemo one of the stupid fucking farm-hands walks over, half-choking in laughter. “What's the silly thi-” I snap.

What makes her an especially interesting character to me is how she struggles with what is ultimately her source of power. The Faceless character archetype is meant to be some Leatherface Masterblaster hybrid of a chainsaw wielding hunk. But rather than having the mask be the default for her, she is struggling to keep a normal life and fighting to find that balance between self-worth and utter self-destruction.

Ghais the Pale
Apprentice of Edurne, Slayer of Borje, Hero of the Elharits 

Ghais had lived in Darm Turin his entire life, born and raised among the rubble and darkened corridors. What his family and kin felt as encroaching darkness, he saw as his one and only playmate. Echoes clatter and endless stone provided plenty of entertainment for him. As he grew older he became respected among his peers for the knowledge of these ancient halls, he could find his way even in pitch black, and was appointed a semi-important position among the Elharit warriors.

Used in the beta test of the Apocalypse World sister-system Dark Ages, Ghais is one of the young men among a nomadic people called the Elharits, often seen as scavengers and vermin they are hunted by the resident kingdoms. He is a character mainly relying on his sharp wits and senses, but he is noted by the clan shaman Edurne after he catches wind of some spiritual malady within the ruin they call home, and is apprenticed. He discovers it to be the cause of the fiend Borje who he faces in single combat.

He just manages to raise his shield in time, but the strength of the pounce knocks his shield to the ground with the monster. Borje’s webbed feet rest firmly on his shield a short distance from him, as they both seize each other up. “Some clan you have, sending you to your death.” her voice a mocking serpentine gurgling.

While Ghais started as a simple exploration of this new game system, he and his story quickly grew to something more, his encounter with Borje being only one out of so far six chapters. And it is definitely something I may continue one day, as there is plenty left for his tale.