Enter the Tomb

Hello stranger and welcome to The Resin Tomb. Chronicling my escapism into the realms of fantasy, heavy metal, old lead, novels, tumbling dice, terrain projects, roleplaying and war games.

So lets play catch-up, and bring you up to speed on what has occurred off-blog until now. Among my various started, half-started projects and other things I am mucking away with:

Fighting Fantasy: The Port of Peril
Since my youth I have always had a soft spot for the Fighting Fantasy books, and among other influence like Warhammer Fantasy, Monster Manuals and Warcraft 3 they were my introduction into fantasy fiction. So when some of the oldies were getting reprints among with a wholly new entry, The Port of Peril I knew I had to order it. I am progressing rather slowly for now, as I am busy making maps and connecting areas for my own sake.

Furies of the Barrens
Picture by Andrea Sfiligoi
A lite RPG inspired by the D&D of yore, and inspired by the Heavy Metal magazine and a lot of pulp
future fantasy of that period written by Andrea Sfiligoi (get used to that name!) I was taken in by its Tattoine like setting, where greedy overlords use psychotronic devices to enslave the masses, and enforce their iron will with pterodactyl-riding warriors. In these brutal plains you are fighting for freedom against their legions, and against your need for water and food in this harsh wasteland. Thrown into the mix are starfallen races who've come here atop crashing asteroids, ancient machinery and various engineered slave races and it hits a real sweet spot for me.

Mutants and Death Ray Guns
Earlier this year I held a 6 part campaign of MDRG with a friend, taking place in a Thundarr the Barbarian-eqsue, Gamma World inspired future earth. We happened upon a falling spacecraft and began questing after the secrets of human civilisation kept in its records. While it surely sounds noble up front, my friend Klaus was a clan of degenerate cannibals seeking out the largest all you can eat buffet this side of the equator. And I wasn't much better sadly, being a band of mutant descentant wanting to erase the remaining pure ones out there and throw the world into genetic chaos.

Here we have my murderous lot. In front we have three mutant rats, named Eeny, Miny and Moe. With their big pal, the out of focus Bladecat named Prancer, known for zooming into the faces of his foes and gobbling them up. In the back row we have, going from left to right: Whiskers the mutant bunny-man, lugging around a laser pistol. Deathcap my extraordinary mushroom hero, even managed to absorb enough radiation to grow to twice his current size (sadly I do not have an appropriate mini) and spread terror. Then we have Mittens the cat-person, a late recruit, mainly serving as a forward scout climbing into trees and hiding with a ton of ordinance. And finally we have the leader the great Guggenheim a telepathic mutant causing cohesion and strategy from this otherwise ragtag band.

Looking forward to: Diehard Miniatures, Undead Rising

Concept Art by Chris Walton

Happening as soon as tomorrow, Diehard Miniatures will launch their Kickstarter for various undead models, given that its october and all that. Among them are some really sweet undead astronauts that I wanna add to my collection. I really like the idea of space-pioneer phantoms and undead, since the universe seems like such a much much more vast and terrible place, what with parasites, vacuums, and solar radiation. So I wanna wish that campaign the best of luck, and hope they get enough support for me to get my hands on their Infernals.