Coalition Recruitment

A while ago CP Models had a store-wide sale, since most of their prices would change to accomodate the post-brexit pound value. So I got myself a bunch of 2-3£ fellas from their Sci-fi and Monster ranges. Sadly they have mainly been packed in plastic bags and kept in storage for until now, since I hit an accute shortage of 25mm bases as well as basing grit from all the way back to July this year.

But it has since arrived and now these fine fellows can stand up straight.

Seeing these fellows lined up here feels like a golden opportunity for a MDRG party with this fancy mix. An android gunslinger, a human with a stun baton, a psionic frog Yoda-wanna-be, two slimy messes and a stunted murder-ostrich.

Among the rest of the CP Models were a 'Cerebalite' and several slaves for it. Mine is still in pieces while I figure out to arrange all of its arms and dangly bits, so you'll have to make do with a shot from the store:

While going over the Cerebalite fellows I think I found a bit of company for them. You see another of my warbands-in-progress is my 'Coalition Scout Remnants' for Wasteman, in that setting while earth has been torn a hundred times over by nuclear warmongering and catastrophes there exists a faction of descendants living on orbital defense stations around earth. While carrying superior technology, they are far outnumbered and therefore carries out strategic strikes in a cladestine global campaign.

The Pacifist, by Richard Hescox

My spin on the Coalition is focusing on their fringe space scouts, and what horrid ends they met and might've come back from.  Here is my current basing-less lads, along with a tidbit of fluff I wrote fr

Sure the Lunar Coalition is all glory and adventure on the promotional posters. But there is a branch with rarely mentioned casualty rate. That would be their new world recon squads. You see these men and women with a spark in their eyes are thrown into unknown biomes, facing predators, foreign contagents and parasites. These people provide a greater service to the coalition on the mortuary table, but of course not of them truly die either...

Which brings me neatly full circle to the Diehard Miniatures campaign, since this is the purpose I want their undead astronauts for, with fellows like their Major Tomski being a perfect fit for this. Now I just have to bide my time and cross my fingers, since the previously mentioned Infernals are a stretch goal, among some pretty cool Void Parasites too.

Diehard Miniatures: Undead Rising