Caravaners and Tradesmen

As I am finding excuses to not start painting my Cerebalite just yet (there is so many arms, and its gonna be a mess getting to all the nooks and crannies), I decide to procrastinate and take inventory of my group of traders and civilians. As a Posse for Wasteman, the Peddlemen is an interesting addition, because its an excuse to unite all your scenario-type models under one banner. They also provide a degree of challenge to stat up as the majority of them are most likely civilians with some sort of good or service on display, instead of armour and guns galore. Utilizing my newly made terrarium display I can show off most of the crew, even if there are a few lads lacking paint and basing. Although one of the fellows weren't quite skinny enough to fit on the display base, so you'll have to make do with a couple of pictures from yesterdays evening gloom.

My core Peddlemen posse consists of pack mootant, the unpainted trader in the back, the two chefs in the second rank and my blue scaly meat-truck. As always I wanna stay fairly close to what models actually represent so I had to get quite fancy with equipment to match. One of the main deals with the Peddlemen is their easy access to the Trader and Pack Animal skills. Traders may give out a random boon to nearby folks by going through his stock, and having a Pack Animal nearby lets the Trader pick which specific boon to choose.

My Mootant has been given the Bludgeon weapon, Junk Plate, and the Pack Animal and Thrall skills.

My caravan leader has been given an OO-z, Junk Plate, Trained, Trader and Master. Mainly meant to keep his cow on a leash and hand out stock to his comrades as needed.

And along those people we have the two chefs. The frying pan wielding lady is both a Trader and a Cannibal, with Junk Plate, Trained and a Club for subduing unruly meals. The second chef has the uncommon Fire Ball as a weapon, representing his flamethrower as well as the uncommon skill Torch, beyond that he Trained and wearing Junk Plate.

My meat cart is a bit more fancy, getting the uncommon gear Vicious Claws and Scaled Monstrocity. So it'll be a big grumpy monster happily creating 'left-overs' for its rider to sell off to the hungry. Beyond that it has the fairly self-evident Trader, Pack Animal and Trained skills.

I had numerous ideas to include caravan guards, which ended up being the three lads and the lady in the front rows.

The idea is to have them be a small seperate auxiliary posse of Civilians acting as the hired guards for the caravan.

In the front we have Old Ma with an OO-z, Gunslinger, Junk Plate, Trained and Medic. Her Medic skill sort of represents her throwing verbal abuse at her wounded sons until they get back in the fight.

To her left we have Doyle, with a Crossbow, Sharpshot and Junk Plate.
To her right we have Eugene with a Boomstick, Junk Plate, Trained and Sludger.
And in the back with the lantern we have Francis with a Halberd, Junk Plate, Trained and a Torch.

Beyond them I still have a few other misc not-quite-combatants that would be cool to include somewhere.

Especially the short fur-clad fellow below would be amazing fun as a Beast Whisperer + Animal Friend, letting him dominate hostile wildlife and have it run amok. Sadly I havent worked out how to include him in any posses without him being silly expensive, plus if his friends are Kritters as I had initially planed he will be look at 4 Uncommon things (Spear, Fur, Beast Whisperer, Animal Friend) each with an addition 20 point fee. Ouch.

A very sad beast herder