Armageddon Hour Test Run

So I figured, before I could try changing up the game, I should at least get a good feel for it first. So I got the final things printed and my dice and tokens spread out. Sadly my printer was running low on ink at this point, so all of the tiles ended up with this pink hue. Oh well.

Level 1 was a breeze. I had chosen Marksman as my skill so I could easily stand my ground and pick off approaching plants. I figured the re roll on Marksman would help prevent misfires and let me save up ammunition. Truth be told, I never needed to spend ammo, despite picking up even more on level 1. Among the loot I also found Defoliant just before the exit, luckily plants were also a feature on level two.

Level 2 was quite straight forward as well, as I mainly waited for the enemies to clump up before killing the majority with my Defoliant, then I could just outrun the reinforcements. I ended up finding some Immuno Boosters, a Hazmat Suit and a Power Sword among the refuse and armory there.

So sufficient to say, I was a little cocky as I entered Level 3, almost unscathed.

My previous strategy of simply standing and firing seemed to backfire here as the wretched scum just kept pouring in and I had already killed the residents before leaving the first room. Unlike the previous levels this one had very narrow corridors that funneled all the enemies directly at you from all directions, this was sadly a feature I completely oversaw as I entered the storage room opposite the starting area, in order to get that loot.

I quickly got surrounded and got pummeled by the numerous reinforcements, even throwing a grenade into the mess that decided to deviate and spare 3 guys of the blast, I must've faced down 3 waves of them being the dumb git I was. I also learned first hand how much it sucks when your health goes below the first threshold, because suddenly the odds just shift against you in a remarkable way. I was almost dead when I left the floor and had to spend my entire Medipack healing up before next floor.

Ready to take on the first lieutenant, I got quite a surprise. On the very first aimed shot I took, I downed them! Complete and utter beginners luck! But again the promise of loot made me do act rashly. Ideally I should've picked off a few of the cleaning robots before crossing the pool. But I figured with their low Combat score and the water giving cover benefits, it was gonna be fine. 

I must've taken 6 or 7 solid hits as I was slogging through the pool.

Facing down the second lieutenant I almost felt like cheating as another aimed shot managed to kill them outright. But Level 5 is a quite interesting one, just you versus one big fellow. This is the room before the Big Bad Boy, and its filled with searchable crates you can break open, so if you wanna risk it you can stay here for a while trying to stock up before the fight. Reinforcements consists of infections rats that keeps coming, to prevent you from opening every damn crate in there.

And finally here I was, before the Big Bad Boy, in irradiated rooftop suite, decked out only in the sickening hum of his super weapon. Continuing my lucky streak, the bosses first barrage fired at me resulted in him jamming both his guns and having to resort to only melee.

Suck it boss-guy

But despite both a blast from a Heavy Plasma Pistol and a strike from my Power Sword, which somehow rolled the bare minimum of damage, he won in the end. Once you are wounded, the fight really starts tilting, you make more mistakes that can be taken advantage off and Big Bad Boy already has those bonus actions and bonus wounds dealt in melee combat, so in the end he just hit harder and more often than me.

So as a few closing thoughts: I sort of left out the timer on this first run since I had to look up rules every now and again and of course pause for scenic photographs. I could afterwards see that there was roughly an hour and ten minutes between my first and last photograph, so it should be completely doable so long as you don't go paparazzi and decide to spend ages on level 3 all for two pieces of loot.

I honestly also had a super lucky time with me one-shotting both bosses before they had a chance to show off their stuff. And due to a Hazmat Suit found on level 2, I didn't have to think about Acid pools, Radiation or Infection, which is a lot of additional hazards and potential damage.

For my next attempt I will have to try out a different skill, and I am certainly considering the High Pain Threshold, so that I can push back the target for counting as wounded from 1/3 health missing to 2/3 instead.

And of course, the Big Bad Boy will probably remember to put the bomb on a timer next time...