An Update and a Face Lift

So first things first, you may have noticed my blog looks different by now. The old theme suddenly seemed to include ridiculous amount of line spacing in my Archive as well as turning my display of old posts into a potpourri of titles, labels and images. So I decided to go with this new theme for now, though I miss the old colours a tad. But that is an issue to sort of another day.

By this point I have a few painted fellows to show off too, I was planning on saving them to post about the individual finished groups, to make the process easier to follow. But I guess that is what the labeling feature is for.

First off here is my Skitterling, given some agressive colours to let others know that it is indeed not good for your continued health.

Also from among my score from CP Models is this fellow. This was an absolute joy to paint and the two flat circular spots it had above its mouth I simply had to turn into fake eyes.

And finally the hulking ungodly creations that are my Cybjörgs. They are about halfway done, lacking a few grunts, the massive Grendel and some fitting bases. After some deliberation I settled on a reddish skintone for them, evoking the feeling of skinless muscles. From there on it was an easy choice, cold metals to accent the warm skin, rusty patches to break up the metal, bright yellow and touches of blue on wires to make them stand out.

And in other news the Diehard kickstarter has reached the Sci-fi Infernals stretchgoal now, so I can rest easy. :)