8 New Enemies for the Barrens

A little while back, around the release of Furies of the Barrens, I started work on adding more enemy profiles to their already impressive repertoire, to providing stats for some of the player races as antagonists as well as adding a few entirely new beings.

Illustration by Andrea Sfiligoi

Esteemed Battle Bride
Hit Die: 5 to 8 (22 hp to 36 hp)
Armor: Medium
Intelligence: 10
Attack: Shield, and a Saber (d6 Medium, Accurate) or a Spear (d8 Light, Brutal)
Special: A number of times per day, equal to half her Hit Die, an Esteemed Battle Bride may unleash a furious assault giving you disadvantage on defense. Generally only the most insolent of opponents is lashed out at like this, or anyone making a move to threaten her ward.
Treasure: Silver jewelry worth 2d4 zuras
Description: Sadly not all Battle Brides have the willpower to become Furies, and many become the willing wives and warriors of their overlords. Scantily clad and with an alluring beauty they are brazen displays of an Overlords power, and deathly loyal fighters too.

Eyrie Sentry
Hit Die: 1 (3 hp)
Armor: Unarmored
Intelligence: 10
Attack: Claw (d4 Light, Brutal)
Special: Immune to psychotronic mental alteration and illusions. The PCs have disadvantages when chasing a Sentry, they are small, nimble and knows the Eyrie all too well.
Treasure: The small crystals are worth 1 zura if removed. If the cat is killed with a weapon attack, there is a 2 in 6 chance that the crystals are damaged, becoming worthless.
Description: A different breed of Crystal Eyes, these much more resemble the average house cat, but with the characteristic glittering crystallic eyes. They prowl and strut around as if they owned the place, but beyond mere pets, they serve as the eyes of the Overlord, spotting uninvited guests, vermin or servants whispering of dissent.

Leatherwing Chick
Hit Die: 1 (4 hp)
Armor: Light
Intelligence: 12
Attack: Bite (d6 Medium, Brutal)
Special: Distinct screech, the loud penetrating screech of a leatherwing is unmistakable, even from a chick. You better keep it quiet or attract unwanted attention.
Treasure: see description.
Description: Leatherwings are one of the only forms of aerial travel in the Barrens, and will have to be imprinted upon a handler at a very young age, something reserved for a select few. This makes their chicks, and especially their eggs so valuable that they are effectively contraband for the average citizen. But if you can catch and foster a young enough one, and keep it hidden, then the sky's the limit.

Redclaw Slave
Hit Die: 1 (6 hp)
Armor: Light
Intelligence: 4
Attack: Pincer (d6 Heavy, Brutal), Work Tools (d4 Light, Brutal, Improvised)
Special: A redclaw can forego the damage on his Pincer attack and instead use it to latch onto something, like a leg, weapon or ledge. Players are at a disadvantage if they try to wrest something free from a redclaw’s pincer.
Treasure: none
Description: Second grade citizens, made by Overlord Ymgull. They are stupid, unimaginative and subservient – drones – used solely for physical labor in the harsh sun and only fed the refuse of other citizens.

Hit Die: 3 to 5 (16 hp to 27 hp)
Armor: Medium
Intelligence: 6
Attack: Longbow (d8 Medium, Accurate, Ranged), Mandibles (d6 Heavy, Brutal)
Special: Filthy Saliva. Any PC hit by a Solenoid must pass a CON test or lose 1 point from STR for a day. Multiple hits are cumulative. A character whose STR drops to 0 is effectively paralyzed for 24 hours. Their Hit Dice 5 soldier caste has flight.
Treasure: 2 zuras of water
Description: A caste of ant-like creatures, standing over 7 feet tall on their hind legs. They gather in large earthen hives, hiding from the sun's rays and eating roots and fungi that grow underground, cultivating them with rotting flesh and paralyzed enemies caught by their winged soldiers. They are almost paranoidly watching the skies as feral Leatherwings are a hated nuisance, that often snacks on stray Solenoids.

Steel Slime
Hit Die: 6 (25 hp)
Armor: Heavy
Intelligence: 8
Attack: Sharp Pseudopod (d6 Medium, Accurate), Softening Touch (no damage)
Special: Softening Touch, see below. Psychotronic mind control is rolled at a disadvantage, due to its alien mind. They see Grafters as kin and can communicate with them, with animal-like intelligence.
Treasure: Alloy organs, when given to the smith they can be forged into 6 zuras worth of new weapons, anything more expensive the players will have to cover the costs of themselves.
Description: A Starfallen race of semi-amoebas, their transparent skin showing strange geode like organs. Feeding on some unknown compound in metals these beings often seek out the Hallows. When feeding vein-like structures will pulsate in a weak glow in the rhythm of their pumping hearts. Metal will lose all rigidity and become a rubbery floppy parody. Cutting weapons will get lowered their damage dice and now carry a disadvantage when used. Armor will be give disadvantage on DEX rolls as it is now much more cumbersome and less form fitted.

Red Monarchs
Hit Dice: ½ (1 hp)
Special: see below.
Description: A starfallen parasitic lifeform that stings larger animals, and lets their larvae pupate inside, at the end of its growth cycle they emerge as a colourful butterfly, off to lie eggs elsewhere. Normally harmless as their larvae releases numbing agents and fly off when fully grown, they are somehow excruciatingly painful for Whitescale hosts, who often become maddened with pain. A maddened Whitescale must roll WIS with a disadvantage to suppress this rage whenever the pain flares up. Often employed by medicine-men as an anesthetic, or conversely by Overlords as torture devices and terror weapons to break especially rebellious Whitescale communities.

Hit Die: 6 (32 hp) / 4 (half hit points)
Armor: Unarmored
Intelligence: 6
Attack: Bludgeoning Mass (d6 Heavy, Brutal)
Special: When wounded to 16 or fewer hit points, they will stop fighting back and try tunneling away instead. Holding on to them requires a STR roll, any fails results in it slipping away and you getting slapped with a free hit. Critically hitting them splits them into two wiggling halves with their own separate actions. They are Hit Dice 4 and splits the remaining hit points between them.
Treasure: Sometimes a wellspring of water (hope you brought empty zuras)
Description: Rumored to be reincarnated ancestors. These are large subterranean annelids that tunnel their way around the barrens. Rather docile but renown for how they redistribute water as they often breach underground deposits or accidentally puncture a community’s reservoir. Many have tried herding or controlling them but only a few rare Lotus Eaters has made a tangible spiritual connection to an astral entity called Worm-mother.