Mutants, Crims and Jetbikes

So a few different things have been on my palette since my last post.  I got a newsletter from Spectrum Games about a miniatures game they had made, called Urban Manhunt. A game that asks the difficult question of "wouldn't criminal trials be better if they involved televised matches where the accused had to survive for 30 minutes in an abandoned part of town while hunted by celebrity executioners?"


Beyond that burning question a few other things reeled me in. Its meant to be approachable and affordable, as they pride themselves on in one of their adverts, you only truly need one mini - to represent your hunter, and it can be whichever you want. It also comes with an entire section dedicated to how you can easily make some affordable gaming terrain which is always cool for wargaming novices out there picking it up. However I have plenty of terrain, mutants and weirdos that can be prospective hunters.


And that's really cool, I am happy to see how flexible the hunter creation rules are. Where some games give you profiles or limitations this game truly lets you pick and stat whatever weirdness you want. A point that really sunk in for me as I was statting one of my models with a warhound and an electrical mace. There were no profiles for a electrical mace in the rules, but there were the bits I needed to make one, and the same goes for the warhound, ranged weapon creation was flexible enough that I could make a specialized shooting attack resembling sic'ing a dog on someone.


And add to that that this is a competative game where you aren't actually smashing your forces against the other players, instead you are trying to outscore each other but executing the most or the most dangerous criminals. But if course kill-stealing and interfering through trickery and event cards is a thing too. And the game can be played completely solo as the crims have their own AI deck that determine action, and likewise the game can be scaled up to however many nerdy friends you can gather.


And that creative episode that Urban Manhunt triggered for me has also bled into other areas, as it often does. The selection of toys given to me by my friend Klaus is finally getting glued and greenstuffed up to become some mutant weirdos. I sadly cant remember the name of the toy line.



And it doesnt even stop there, the fire under my ass carried me into another project I had started around last summer, back when I was still considering attending BOYL and its jetbike races. I had kitbashed up my own ork freebooter jetbike from a collection of bits from the ever-useful Ramshackle Games. It is still a work in progress, so expect plenty of red bits and checkers later on. 


Buckle up 'umies!